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Hey everyone, we're returning! All members who come back from before the site died are allowed to update their character sheets, or make a new character starting as a level two!
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PostSubject: Claec Stronghold   Claec Stronghold I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 26, 2011 12:22 pm


Basic Information
Name: Claec Stronghold
Nickname: Destroyer
Special Title:
Gender: M
Age: 18
Weight: 160 lbs
Height: 6'1"

Loyalty: [Family]
Birth-date: [September] [9]
Place of Birth: Edo, Japan.
Place of Living: [The Black Order European H.Q.]
Black Order Branch: [European]

Personality: Claec is a rather odd and complicated individual. To the general public, he looks like an apathetic youth with no real reason to continue to live. This seems to concern most, until he becomes rude and tells them off. It's a habit of his to hold two different attitudes towards people, the most visible being his public image. He's rude, cold, uncaring, silent, thoughtful, and wise at times. But as stated previously, this is only a public image to avoid being given too much attention. Once someone truly begins to know him, they can learn to see right through this act. In reality, he's best described as a sad child grieving over the loss of his family, and a bit of a rebel. He can be very caring, loving, and protective of his loved ones, which is unusual but seems to make them happy.

Appearance: For the most part, Claec dresses in all black. He sports a dark blue t-shirt with a somewhat long neck and over it a black leather jacket with long coat tails and stitch like metal on the ends of the sleeves. One his lower body he wears black jeans with the same stitch like design from his coat on his thighs. held up but a dark silver colored studded belt with an odd diamond shaped buckle on it and small chain links hanging under it. His shoes are black leather combat boots with buckles on them, and are usually kept hidden by his pant sleeves.. On his hands are black leather gloves that reach to about his elbow, and 2 bracelets on each wrist. On his right are 2 simple silver bracelets, and on his left 2 leather studded bracelets. He also contains 2 necklaces, both crosses, one larger than the other.


Anti-Akuma Weapon Information
Weapon Type: A nihonto style sword crafted long ago by Muramasa. As all swords created by Muramasa, it is a cursed blade that has caused thousands to
lose their lives to it. The swords name is Vastator, latin for "The Devastating."
Weapon Class: Equipment.
Weapon Appearance: The sword itself is like any other. Slim and sharp. The hilt is pure black along with the hand guard, and the sheathe. For the most

part he carries it in his left hand, but will occasionally place it on his belt to make it easier to carry.
Weapon Abilities:
- Soul Eater Drive: All attacks performed while using energy are infested with Soul eater, a poison like effect that drains the enemy of power, while restoring some in the user. Most of his techniques use this custom form of energy.

- Sword Rain: As the name hints, it is a technique consistent of many attacks. The move itself is quick stabs forward, made at speeds which make it look as if swords were raining forward.

- Demon Fang: Demon fang is a long ranged attack. It's a crescent wave slash of soul eater that flies forward once released, capable of slicing through the toughest of materials.

- Crushing Blow: An Aerial attack in which the user falls down, transferring all their weight into their slash. Upon impacting the ground, it can cause a large crater to form, and completely crushes enemies.

- Evil Shades: The user surrounds himself with a seal that spins around his waist. A second seal forms below them and follows them as they move. If an enemy is in the seal for too long, small shadow like beings appear and attach to the enemy, slowing them down as they painfully begin to zap them of their energy. This move isn't used often, however, as it takes a bit to get the seal set up.

- Destroyers Requiem: The user is allowed to use the Soul Eater drive without need to wield their sword, and can instead do hand to hand with the same effect.

- Shadow Dance: After delivering a strong blow infused with a Paralytic (Electrical) version of Soul Eater, the user deploys a series of attacks to subdue their opponent.

- Destroyers Grip: Using the swords power, the user can deploy tendrils to launch from within their shadow. They are only limited by the amount of light, and imagination. These tendrils are very resistant to cutting, and can cause a lot of trouble for close combat fighters.

Innocence Location: His sword contains the innocence.

Background and Role play Information

History: Claec was born into a small family of two. His father was named Giovanni Strong hold, a European, and his mother Ayako. They married when she

was only young, and had him several years later. As the first born, he received allot of attention.

One day, as his father and him strolled through the park, he caught sight of a small bunny hopping away. Curious to know where it was going, he followed after it. As he followed after the fluffy white bunny, he couldn't help but feel as if something was about to happen. With this in mind he turned around and only aught a glimpse of his fathers form being struck by a train. It came as a great shock to him, and drove him to tears.

After a few hours of intensive treatment, his father had died, but he refused to accept it and clung to his cold mangled body. It only grew worse when his mother found out, as he was shunned and forced to go a time without food, or clean clothes. His mother had had a severe break down, and gone into even greater shock at the loss of her husband. Unknowing of what to do, Claec found himself crying outside on the porch, when he was approached by a strange man known as the Millennium Earl. While the two spoke, the Earl offered Claec a chance to revive his father, but before he could accept, his mother had instead. The earl laughed at this and agreed to revive her husband and his father.

During the "revival," Claec was forced to watch as his mother was possessed and screamed in agonizing pain, something he still hears to this day, and give birth to his sister. Unwanting of her to hurt his beloved new sister, he took her and embraced her protectively, crying as his mother shouted and yelled for them to be gone. He never saw his mother again, and ended up being adopted by an elderly women, along with his little sister. Depression hit hard after that. He was only about 3 when he started having nightmares of his mother showing up at night with their father, and being brutally murdered at their hands. It only grew worse over time as he began to grow scared at cry at night. He ended up relying heavily on his younger sister.

Five years after the birth of his sister, they were off playing at the war ruins when it finally occurred. Out of the blue, his sister grew a canon for an arm, and fired upon him. Luckily, he evaded. Aemi ran away then, but he was too scarred to run after her. Only several minutes later, he had run off to find her, but instead found she was being taken away by the Exorcist. Not much time passed before their care taker passed away, and he was abandoned once more. Luckily, he would receive the first stroke of luck in his entire life.

Not long before his family had been ripped apart, he found himself coming across a dojo where Samurai trained. He wandered in longing for shelter, and stopped instead to watch them train. The master of the Dojo watched as he did, feeling as if he had waited for him to arrive. After confronting Claec, he convinced him to stay, which marked the beginning of a new life. Here, he spent the first year as a chore boy, doing house hold chores that he was capable of performing, such as cleaning and polishing swords. Soon, he had learned the basics and had even learned to sharpen and maintain a sword. It wasn't long before he was offered to start training, which he great fully accepted.

He spent the next years of his life in this dojo, training in the art of the sword vigorously. Once he had turned 10, he was to meet an exorcist for the second time in his life. This time, however, they were there to find a person to wield an weapon infused with innocence. After discussing it with the Dojo Master, they were turned down but shown around anyway. Luckily, they had left the weapon in the Master's meeting room.

After wandering in, Claec caught sight of the case and curiously walked over to see what it was. After opening it, he found a beautiful sword, seeming to have been crafted by the gods themselves. Unable to resist wielding it, he took hold of the handle and found himself being over powered by the sword itself. It became heavy, and caused him great agony as the Innocence began to try and merge with his soul. It wasn't soon before the Exorcists had returned and found him screaming in agony, at the mercy of the weapon. Shockingly, he survived and only passed out. Unable to comprehend this phenomena, the Dojo master allowed them to take him, and they did just that.

When he next awakened, a week later, he was inside the head quarters of the Asiatic branch of the Black order. It wasn't long, then, before he was undergoing odd tests of wits and intelligence. he passed all with high scores, and was admitted to train to become an exorcist. He didn't resist or protest, and instead underwent the training. It wasn't soon after until he was told that his sister had been their, but was residing in the European branch. But in order to get there, he was going to have to become stronger and apply for a transfer there. It was then made his resolve to grow strong enough to obtain this.

Years passed, and on his 18th birthday he was finally transferred to the European branch. However, he was admitted under an alias as a request of his. The other members there, besides the leader, do not know him as Claec, but as Destroyer. So far, he has yet to speak to anyone, or even speak to his sister. But he intends to, when the time is right.

Role play Sample: Situation: You recently came across the corpse of a loved one, affecting you in a way different than you are used to. You then use this new found feeling to seek out for a certain someone, or something.

An eternity seems to have gone by before Dest had finally moved. For a few days now he had been staying at a friend’s house, one who was no longer in this world. The tragedy of this had sent Dest on an inner journey, which was far out of character for him. He had sat on a small bed in a bedroom upstairs, with his forearms rested on his lap and his hands cupped together in front of him, nearly aligned with his knees. Those days he had remained there where thoughtful and long, there was no motion from him or his guest, both quiet, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes, as if sharing some sort of wise old knowledge of mass importance. But, every now and again Dest had began to speak to his guest, talking endlessly for hours before finally quieting down and lowering his gaze onto the floor, waiting for his guest to speak. But there never was anything replied to him, nothing at all. This had made Dest go nearly mad and for a few moments he had nearly lost it and reached to thin red line which separated madness and sanity. But at each of these moments new knowledge was acquired, and this seemed to distract him from confusing himself any further. But that was behind them now, and it was time to go. Cautiously, and without a word, Dest stood up and uncupped his hands. letting them dangle at his sides lifelessly. The serenity of the home was now being disturbed by the thuds of his heavy boots meeting the glossy wooden floors. The thuds stopped as Dest stopped and turned to look into the room he had resided in. His guest had not followed. Dest turned again and began to walk once more, then stopped and looked back. This process became recurrent, even when heading down the stairs, and seemed to be from a sort of longing for his guest to follow. But there was no one. Now at the front door, Dest had come to terms with the situation and hung his head. What he had been doing in that room he no longer knew, so the sadness had become irrelevant. Now, Dest had begun to move once more, trying to recollect his logic in staying alone in a room with a dead friend. Nothing. A sigh escaped him now, produced of disappointment in him. Something needed to be done, something needed to be said, but what was it? For the first time in many years, Dest found he was unable to come to terms with the death of another human being. Unlike most people, it was not out of grief and denial of their death, but from the fact that he could no longer remember what had led up to the fact he had known them. It was unlike him to even care, so why was he loitering around this home for so long? It was unknown to him, but there was someone who most likely did. Dest had once heard of women who lived in the old country with the ability to read into people’s pasts and analyze their emotions precisely and without flaw. If he could find this women, then she could no doubt tell him why he felt the way he did, and it would be over. This was his reasoning and his new objective. Picking up pace now, his legs began to move faster, his knees reaching a higher altitude until he was leaning forward and running away from the home. The crunch of withered autumn leafs was all Dest could hear now, his footsteps drowned out by his own inability to perceive himself as the one running. Before he knew it, he had stepped incorrectly and stumbled forward. His head went down first, followed by his back, then struck the ground with his shoulder and snapped his neck to the side. His body now tumbled forward until the momentum was stopped by a tree. He lay lifelessly there for a few seconds before finally moving his hands to his head and jerking his head to the opposite side of where it was. His neck cracked form this, indicating it was now correctly in place, and he released it. What was burdening so much that he had run from it now? Unfortunately, he didn’t know. (It's from a while ago, so I can do more now, but I'm too lazy to type more =w=)
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The truth is that everyone is going to hurt you.
You just have to find the people worth suffering for.
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