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Hey everyone, we're returning! All members who come back from before the site died are allowed to update their character sheets, or make a new character starting as a level two!
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 Ares, the Bane of Wars

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PostSubject: Ares, the Bane of Wars   Sun Jan 23, 2011 6:48 pm


Basic Information
Name: Ares
---Special Title: General
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Weight: 360lbs

Loyalty: The Black Order
Birth-date: April 4
Place of Birth: Russia
Place of Living: Main HQ

Personality: Demanding and aggressive, Ares commands those around him as forcefully as if they were children. His idea of superiority nearly surpasses his strength which he uses often in order to announce his authority. Acts that he feels go against his authority infuriate him and will often lead him to violence, though through some self control he pushes himself to never harm a useful ally. However, he fights through battles with little emotion, often abandoning those he feels as week and only indulging those that he feels strong enough to keep up with an order. Through all of his brash behavior, he rips through a battle with ferocity, terror, and an incredible lack of mercy both to the enemy, and those around him.


Anti-Akuma Weapon Information
Weapon Type: Gauntlet
Weapon Class: Equipment
Weapon Appearance: On Ares' right arm is a large gauntlet made of a charred black steel. When activated, energy rushes through it, giving parts of the gauntlet a deep red glow and emanating small flames.
Weapon Abilities: When the gauntlet is activated, Ares will hold it in the desired direction and open his palm. At the center is a medium sized hole with rows of small blades descending down into it. Activating these creates an immense suction, dragging in any stationary object within 25 feet into it (objects secured to the ground or able to resist the pull require a closer range). When an object makes it into the hole, it is ripped apart by the blades and force, eventually breaking down to a sub-molecular level after reaching the very end. These molecules can be manipulated, most commonly becoming an addition to Ares' armor or weapon. Since these weapons and armor were created by the innocence, they retain some of its power and can still be manipulated. Also, if not used to create an object or material, the unused matter can be shot back out as a blast of liquid plasma.
Innocence Location: Base of the gauntlet.

Background and Roleplay Information

History: Through the first several years of his life, Ares lived a poor life, with no influence or wealth in his family at all. The only valuable thing he could find in his home was a small box that his mother said was an incredibly special heirloom that had been through his family for years. He never knew what was in the box, and never dared to open it, in fear of its safety. It was generally forgotten by him, and he moved on and lived his life.
However, one day a mysterious man came to the door asking if he could search the house for anything he might be able to buy. The further he came into the house, the more ecstatic the man seemed. Upon coming upon the box with the heirloom set upon small shined desk, the man went insane, laughing horribly and rushing towards it, snatching it up. He then turned, a strange gun pointing out of his eye towards his mother. His father, in an attempt to defend both his wife and the precious box, ran forth and tackled the man. Yet at the same time, a bullet shot out, piercing through his father and mother. The body flew against the man, knocking him against the wall and causing him to drop the box. As it fell to the ground it shattered, and a small golden object rolled towards the terrified Ares who lay crying on the ground. In an attempt to save the only thing he had left, he dove upon it, grasping it tightly in his hand. Suddenly there was a sharp pain in his hand, and a shockwave caused his to go unconscious. When he awoke, there was nothing but flat dirt around him, and a large metal piece growing from a gauntlet on his left arm.

Roleplay Sample: The rain ran heavily down the back of the black and gold adorned jacket slung loosely over Ares' shoulder. The moon lay hidden behind the clouds, with only a faint glow piercing through the crowding darkness of the city street. Looking around, not a living thing could be seen, yet a presence could be felt. As Ares stood up, relieving the bench on which he sat of his weight, a figure came shambling out from an ally and stumbled over the sidewalk. A man, drunken and lost in the middle of the night, walked awkwardly across the wall of the building, slowly making his way towards Ares, who stood lifelessly by the street. As the man came closer, he stumbled and tripped, his arm reaching towards Ares in an attempt to regain his balance. In a flurry of motion, Ares reached out and grabbed the man's arm with his gauntlet, on which the skin seemed to shatter like glass, a strange gun pointing out of the man's palm. As his grip tightened, the arm bent and broke away, causing the drunken man to stumble back against the wall due to the force of the shattering. As he moaned it pain, his body bulged and ripped, and a monstrous being seemed to erupt from it as if from a cocoon. The akuma floated upwards, part it breaking away, compensating for the missing arm. Ares launched himself at the monstrosity, slamming it into the wall and causing a majority of the body to fracture and split. He rammed his gauntlet into the akuma, driving his fist towards the very core. Letting out a hollow sound, the akuma seemed to start receding into itself, its body disappearing into the point where the gauntlet was connected. As more of it shrunk away, it could be seen that from the gauntlet fangs were protruding that pulled the body of the akuma inward, like a beast hurriedly devouring its prey. As the last of the akuma shrunk away, Ares clenched his fist and tore it away from the wall where the monster had been. As he walked away, a glowing shard of metal grew from his shoulder, glowing bright red from the heat.

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PostSubject: Re: Ares, the Bane of Wars   Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:16 pm

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Ares, the Bane of Wars
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