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 Akujin Amano

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PostSubject: Akujin Amano   Sun Jan 23, 2011 2:38 am


Basic Information
Name: Akujin Amano
---Special Title:The Dark Prophet

Loyalty:The Millenium Earl
Birth-date:Oct 31
Place of Birth:Edo, Japan
Place of Living:Edo, Japan

Personality:Akujin is a very cold, callous, dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm both his comrades and enemies should they ever get in his way. He refers to anyone he does not find interesting as "trash" and treats them as expendable. Despite this, like most of the other Noah, he is not particularly violent and will only fight when provoked. His cold demeanor allows him to stay completely calm and in control in most situations, and he is not easily surprised or caught off-guard. However, he does not seem to comprehend the Human trait of fighting against all odds or the very concept of the Human heart.

Akujin's most distinguishing features while in battle are his maniacal laughter and psychotic grins. He is brutal, arrogant, disrespectful, and sadistic.

Normal Appearance:Avi

Noah Appearance:When Akujin enters his Noah state, his skin turns to a light pale, to an eerie gray. His holy marks can be found under his eyes, appearing to be tears of blood that eventually form into crosses. There is also holy marks on his wrists, which he hides by wrapping his wrists in black bandages. His hair turns from straight down, to slightly spikey, and of course..his eyes turn from red, to gold.

Weapon/Abilities Information

Weapon Type: 6ft long Musamane
Weapon Appearance:Akujin's massive 6ft long sword consists of a black and white handle, with a repeating diamond like pattern for the wrap. The hilt is a blood red, consisting of a rectangular like shape. The blade is pitch black, making it damn near transparent in the darkest of nights.
Weapon Abilities:Akujin's Musamane is able to cut through practically anything with ease, making the sword's 6 ft length a deadly attribute.

Special Abilitie(s):Akujin is able to summon dark matter and materialize it, bending and shaping it to his will. He is also able to add special attributes to the dark matter that he materializes.

•Kujo-Akujin is able to create mini bombs that will float in the air above his enemy and drop towards the ground. The power of these vary on how many are used, although he can only create a maximum of 25 which would measure up to that of a nuclear bomb. He is also able to change the size and shape of these bombs. There is another version of this technique that allows Akujin to create a single darkmatter bomb in his hand and fire it out of his palm like a canon.

•KuroToku-Akujin is able to create a powerful shield in which he is able to change it's shape, size, and strength. This is Akujin's main defense against foreign energy.

•Gouka-A powerful surge of dark matter that bursts out from beneath the enemy. Akujin is able to create a total of 100 of these overtime, being able to change their size, shape, and power.

•KuroNami-Akujin's main dark matter attack. This technique is performed by wrapping dark matter around his blade, and swinging it down with all his might, unleashing a powerful wave of dark matter. It has been noticed that Akujin can choose not to fire the KuroNami or not, to increase the strength of his blade. This technique alone is able to take out a level 1 exorcist with ease.

•KuroKen-A deadly swarm of dark matter blades, Akujin(usually firing hundreds of these at once) uses this to dispose of small enemies, or force them to keep distance. However, this is a useful technique against any enemy, for it delivers strong lacerations all over their body in just a matter of seconds.

Background and Roleplay Information

History:Not much is known about Akujin at the moment. It has been recorded that he used to live a fairly normal life, before being summoned on by the Millenium Earl, in which shortly after people began to notice his immense potential. Akujin seems to be a prodigy of the Noah Clan, already becoming just as strong, if not stronger as some of the other members.

Roleplay Sample: -Hands in his "Bite me" note-
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PostSubject: Re: Akujin Amano   Sun Jan 23, 2011 10:54 pm

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Akujin Amano
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