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Hey everyone, we're returning! All members who come back from before the site died are allowed to update their character sheets, or make a new character starting as a level two!
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Character Information

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PostSubject: Lavi   Lavi I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 22, 2011 11:30 pm


Basic Information
Name: Lavi
--Nickname: Jr
---Special Title: Level 2 Exorcist
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Weight: 136 lbs
Height: 5'9"

Loyalty: The Black Order
Birth-date: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Place of Living: China Branch

Personality: Lavi has a cheerful demeanor, and is always on hand to offer support, encouragement and guidance to his friends.Lavi has a Complex personality at times he is humorous, laidback and relaxed but sometimes he is cold and bitter. He is noted to have a darker side to him too, as being a Bookman is supposed to mean he is not allowed to make connections to the humans he works with although his heart goes against these teaching and he will do whatever it takes to protect his friends. Lavi is also seen to be very serious as seen when lecturing Lenalee when she blamed herself for Allen's pain. Lavi is very intelligent and strategic when it comes to battling, working out tactics that would be most effective and is very knowledgable about facts and history. Lavi is quite mature, often acting as a big brother/mentor towards Allen and usually is the 'Big Brother' of the Group overall usually trying to calm down Allen and Kanda when they have their usual arguments. Lavi is generally very laidback but is fiercely protective of Allen and Lenalee

He enjoys giving nicknames to various characters, naming Bookman "Old Panda" due to the thick black circles around his eyes, a converted Akuma "Chomesuke", and Arystar "Kro-chan" and "Fang Boy" in the anime and "Kro-chan" or "Krorykins" in the manga. He is the only character other than General Tiedoll to call Kanda by his given name and apparently speaks to him outside of missions, a fact that was shown when he called Allen "beansprout" (モヤシ, moyashi, Short Stack in the english dub) , saying that if Kanda could call him that, Lavi could as well, as he is the same age as Kanda. He has a habit of teasing Allen, and deems himself as his big brother.Lavi also loves sleeping usually sleeping in much longer than Allen and Lenalee and collapsing to sleep when arriving back from Noah's Ark .

Appearance: Lavi is a red-haired Exorcist of mixed race with a green eye. His hair is usually worn spiked with a bandanna wrapped around his head. He also wears an eye patch on his right eye for reasons unknown (in the manga Katsura Hoshino states that she plans to reveal the reason he wears an eyepatch and hints that the patch is not injury-related) He is 5'9 in height, and grows to 5'10 later in the series. Lavi initially wears an Exorcist uniform with a longer coat and a long orange scarf around his neck. He has a holster on his right leg where he keeps his Innocence when its not in use.

Anti-Akuma Weapon Information
Weapon Type: Hammer
Weapon Class: Equipment
Weapon Appearance: The hammer is long, black, and has red stripes going across it. It is usually small and portable for him, but when in combat, it increases in size.
Weapon Abilities: Lavi's anti-Akuma weapon is a size-shifting hammer. It can grow (満, ban) and extend (伸, shin) at Lavi's command. He also uses it as a mode of transportation by standing on the handle and continuously extending it in one direction. The weight increases with its size, but since Lavi is the accomodator, this weight change does not affect him. The hammer is destroyed whilst fighting in Noah's Ark but later the hammer is rebuilt as a much sleeker, easier to use weapon, now looking more like an average war hammer. Besides using it for brute strength, Lavi can also use the hammer to summon several "judgments" by hitting elemental seals (written in Kanji) that appear around his head. When using this in the anime (English dub), he calls out Innocence level 2, Release. His techniques, as shown so far, are as follows:

* Hi Ban: Gouka Kaijin (火判 劫火灰燼, lit. Fire Seal: Configuration of Ash. English dub: stamp, fire circle, hell fire devouring fire stamp): Lavi uses the Fire seal to create a torrent of flames in the form of a snake.

* Ten Ban: Raitei Kaiten (天判 雷霆回天, lit. Heaven Seal: Thundering Lightning Whirling in the Skies): Lavi uses the Heaven seal to generate a vast storm of lightning.

* Moku Ban: Tenchi Bankai (木判 天地盤回, lit. Wood Seal: Roots Entwining Heaven and Earth. English dub: Wood circle, Wood stamp, spinning disk of Heaven and Earth): Lavi uses the Wood seal to control objects in nature (i.e. the clouds, wind).

* Konbo Ban: Gouraiten (コンボ判 剛雷天, lit. Combo Seal: Strong Thunder of the Heavens): Lavi uses both the Fire and the Heaven seals to create a huge snake of fire and iron. He can also create a shield-like flame wall.

Some of the seals have not yet been revealed and appear as question marks interspersed around the seals. This probably means that Lavi has yet to learn some seals from his Innocence. When Bookman berates him for not using the Wood seal to move the clouds, Lavi states that he had forgotten that he could use it to affect nature directly, and as he remembers, the question mark turns into the kanji for the Wood Seal. The Wood Seal can actually be seen throughout the manga whenever Lavi summons his seals (e.g. during the use of the Heaven seal), long before the use of the actual seal itself. The seals for Water and Earth can also be seen, but Lavi has not yet used them.
Innocence Location: Hammer

Background and Roleplay Information

History: As a Bookman Lavi began training a long time ago and has had many different aliases, Deak being the most recent. During his training and meditation he developed his photographic memory and other skills associated with the Bookman lineage. Throughout his upbringing Lavi witnessed many wars and deemed Humankind as foolish for their constant fighting and inability to stop the inevitable outbreak of war. This changed when Lavi joined the Black Order and he became friends with Lenalee, Allen, Kanda, Krory and other members of the Order.

Roleplay Sample: Naw
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