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Hey everyone, we're returning! All members who come back from before the site died are allowed to update their character sheets, or make a new character starting as a level two!
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 Road Kamelot

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Road Kamelot
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Character Information

PostSubject: Road Kamelot   Sat Jan 22, 2011 11:04 pm


Basic Information
Name: Road Kamelot
--Nickname: N/A
---Special Title: Noah Clan Member
Gender: Female
Age: 35 (looks 15)
Weight: N/A
Height: 5'0"

Loyalty: The Millennium Earl
Birth-date: June 20
Place of Birth: Unknown
Place of Living: Edo, Japan

Personality: Road's personality and home life are surprisingly normal, despite her role as a villain. She has a childlike need to be entertained at all times, usually by the Earl or Lero, and also forces Tyki to entertain her when Lero is not around or she throws a bit of a temper tantrum. She distracts Tyki while inside the ark so he does not notice Allen slipping through. She has also shown signs of extreme sadism and seems to enjoy watching the suffering of others, including stabbing Allen's left eye with her candles, killing an Akuma subordinate just to anger Allen, and nailing Miranda's hands to a clock while writing profanity on the wall in her blood. She shows much fondness towards Allen, somewhat like a little-girl-crush, and her attitude changes when he's mentioned, though she is shown to harbor much the same fondness for Tyki.

Normal Appearance: Despite being the oldest member of the Noah she looks somewhere in her teens. She has a punk-gothic lolita style of her outfit and is short. She has purple-blue hair spiked up in a punk style and purple eyes. Later on in the series she grows her hair longer and wears it down and loose.

Noah Appearance:

Weapon/Abilities Information

Weapon Type: Umbrella (Lero)
Weapon Appearance: A pink umbrella with a pumpkin head
Weapon Abilities: Road also seen using Lero as a weapon. Road often takes Lero against its will. When in her usage, it acts as a witch's broom and an umbrella. Road also uses her trademark; floating candles with a pointed edge for impaling.

Special Abilitie(s):As a Noah, Road has absolute command over all the Akuma, as well as destroying Innocence by simply touching it. All of her abilities, like other Noah, are based on Dark Matter. She is seen cutting an Akuma's forehead in a point in the Rewinding city while she licks its blood with her fingers. Being a Noah, she is immune to the Akuma's blood virus, which is usually fatal to the human touch. Even though Jasdevi claimed that the blood was sick for the Noah in flavor, Road seems to be different towards the taste.

Road most obvious power is the power of Dimensional warping, which allows her to move freely in between dimensions via a special kind of door which only she can summon, but others may use. As such, she is the only Noah to be able to move through dimensions without the Ark, something that not even the Earl can do. This ability also enables Road to create a small pocket dimension and suck everything around her into it. Road has full control of the dimension which takes the form of a wrapped gift box, controlling all aspects of it, and making it do anything she wants; she usually forms spiked candles that can levitate and uses them as darts to spear her opponents. She can also form such weapons and dice-cubes, as well as possessing powerful regeneration powers, as prisons outside of her dimension, as seen when attacking the Exorcists on the old Ark. As the dreams of Noah, Road can trap the consciousness of her opponents in a dream world and manipulate it as she sees fit, up until their mind breaks, at which point she can assume control over their unconscious body. Road has said "I'm me, but I'm not me" and those who do not know her "true form" cannot kill her, in other words, even Allen's Sword of Exorcism cannot hurt or even slow her. While trying to break down the user's conscience, rather than taking control of their body, she is able to "hypnotize" them by recollecting all of their thoughts and choosing which ones to modify to her beliefs. Because she only modifies them, there is a possibility for the hypnosis to break.

Road is the only known person besides the Millennium Earl, the 14th Noah (Pianist), and Allen Walker who has the power to control Noah's Ark. Road is also the only one who was capable of programming Noah's Ark in order to download and make a new ark.

A new power that is seen by Road Kamelot is her "Dream of Surrender", which is a technique she uses to put the victim in a trance, and trap them within her dream without any way of being able to escape. She must simply say the words "Dream of Surrender" and then look them in their eyes to trap them. The only way to escape it, is for someone to inflict severe, lethal pain to the victim. What the Dream of Surrender does, is traps the conscience and innocence mind within a dream mode that Road creates, allowing her to take total control of their mind and innocence. This technique is difficult to decipher if Road is not seen making them do what she commands.

Background and Roleplay Information

History: Road is the first Noah introduced in the series, in the Rewinding Town arc. Road is referred to as the oldest of the Noah by Skin Bolic, and the first child by David and Jasdero, suggesting she is the first Noah to awaken in the current generation.

Road stated she hates humans (who she calls subhumans) early in the series, but grows an attachment to Allen Walker to the point where she kisses him upon meeting him in Noah's Ark arc, later to be screamed at by Lero. However, some have speculated this having to do with the 14th's soul within Allen.

Roleplay Sample: You're joking. :]
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Road Kamelot
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