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Hey everyone, we're returning! All members who come back from before the site died are allowed to update their character sheets, or make a new character starting as a level two!
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 Cathy Felinius (Awaiting Approval/Review)

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Cat Felinius

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Character Information

PostSubject: Cathy Felinius (Awaiting Approval/Review)   Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:47 pm

Basic Information
Name: Cathy Felinius
--Nickname: Cat, 'Trump Card', 'Card' (Cat+Bird)
---Special Title: Level Two Exorcist
Gender: F
Age: 15
Weight: 110 lbs.
Height: 5' 3"

Loyalty: Black Order
Birth-date: July 2nd
Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan
Place of Living: Branch of Black Order
Black Order Branch: Asian Branch

Cat is very short-tempered, but means well. She tries to get along with everyone, but if necessary, Cat may end up shouting at a person or hitting them with a random book. She is usually very care-free and kind; however she tends to get very serious during fights, especially if a friend of hers gets hurt in any way. Cat loves animals, as she is always seen playing with a stray cat or a bird. She also loves food, and is eating snacks every now and then. If she is not eating or playing with a cat, she is either:
- Reading
- Playing pranks on people
- Or talking with friends
- Eating
- Singing
- Drawing
- Writing a story


Strength: Excellent
Speed: Above Average
Stamina: Average
Innocence/Chi Sync: Above Average
Intelligence: Average

Anti-Akuma Weapon Information

Weapon Name: Kogane Tsubasa 黄金翼 (Golden Wings)
Weapon Type: Wings
Weapon Class: Parasitic
Weapon Appearance:
Large golden wings that sprout from Cat's back. The feathers of the wings are very sharp, and will cut through skin. The feathers usually end up coloring the skin gold.

Weapon Abilities:

Hane no Arashi 羽の嵐 (Feather Storm):
When Cat spins, her wings can let loose feathers that act similar to arrows. They slice through the skin very cleanly. The wounds are so clean that they appear as if one cut themselves with a sharp and smooth knife. This move is destructive, but it takes time, as well as accuracy. It also takes a lot of stamina, and Cat is usually pretty dizzy afterwards from spinning so fast.

Umo Bakuhatsu 羽毛爆発 (Feather Explosion):
Cat can also throw some feathers around, and they can detonate. The explosions leave powdered Innocence in the area. The powder burns the skin of Akuma and will sometimes create holes if the powder is concentrated enough. This ability also takes some time and precision. However, the feathers always grow back, so it is almost unlimited, unless Cat runs out of stamina.

Kaze Surasshu 風スラッシュ (Wind Slash)
When Cat flaps her wings hard enough, she can create gusts of wind that are oddly formed in a way that causes the wind to be sharp instead of blunt and forceful. These gusts of wind can slice enemies in a cross-like way. Think of an 'X'-shaped gust aimed at the enemy.

Innocence Location:
The Innocence sprout from Cat’s back as wings. Cat can also retract them and keep them hidden ‘inside’ her body to avoid any expressions from civilians.

Background and Role-play Information
Cat was born in Kyoto, Japan, where she lived with her parents and her younger sister, Cynthia. At first, when Cat was born, she was all her parents could care about. They were happy, until Cynthia came along. When Cynthia was born, Cat was only 4, and her family started to drift away. Her parents started to pay more attention to Cynthia, and Cat was beginning to become lonely. One day, at age 6, she decided to go outside and play with her younger sister.
Innocence Activation-
As they were playing in the forest nearby their home, Cat saw something shining in a tree, and climbed up to grab it. It turned out to be Innocence, and once she touched it, pain started to sear through her body. It was beginning to disappear after what seemed to be an infinite minute, and Cat realized that she had grown wings. She fluttered down from the tree to show her family, when she saw an Akuma appear… And the lifeless body of her younger sister dangling limply from its mouth. She instantly ran over to try and help her, as it was a part of her ‘code’ to live by, but as soon as the Akuma caught sight of Cat’s Innocence, it ran off. Cat was left at the scene of the ‘crime’ kneeling next to a bloody corpse that was her sister. When her parents walked over and saw this, they were hysterical.
“This is all because of you!” they’d shout at Cat, and her mother even managed to slap Cat. Confused, Cat tried to explain what happened, and when she got closer, her parents noticed her wings, and shouted even more, yelling,
“You monster of a child!”
They eventually left her there, all alone and crying in the darkness of the night. As she wandered the forest helplessly, a group of Exorcists from the Asian Branch walked up to her and offered her shelter and a home. They also explained what Akumas were, as well as her ‘wings’. When she learned of what the Millennium Earl was up to, she realized that this was her mission in life. To help defeat the Millennium Earl and stop his evil plans. When the Exorcists asked her if she wanted to help, she agreed, and willingly left with them.
Cat still looks back at her past, even though it had been 8 years since then. She sometimes wonders what would have happened if she hadn't picked up the Innocence.
‘Would it have been taken by a Noah?’
‘Would Cynthia have died?’
‘Would I still be with my family?’
‘Would I be happy with them?’
She would always ask herself ‘Would this’ and ‘Would that’, but inside, she knew the truth. She was better off as an Exorcist, than being with her family. Cat knew that her parents would crack, even if the Akuma never appeared. She knew she wouldn't be happy there. After all, the weight of her burden was heavy…

Code of Approval:
Follows what she believes is right, and anyone who harms her friends will pay the price.

Role-play Sample:
A girl with short golden hair that had ‘cat ears’ sticking out of it and golden eyes scrunched up her face as she yawned. She hadn't been able to sleep lately, due to thinking about her past. Today, she realized that she wouldn't be able to move forward if she kept regretting the past. It was a new day, with a bright sun and little clouds to ruin her day with depressing rain. After all, she was an Exorcist!
‘Cat the Trump Card’ that was what she liked to call herself. The ‘Trump Card’ part came from a friend, who told her that she would be important later on. She thought Cat’s friend was just joking, but she decided to stick with it anyways. She stared out the window, gazing at the sky, as whenever Cat saw the blue sky, it made her feel free. Perhaps it was because of her ‘wings’? She felt close to birds, but also to cats. Seeing a cat outside, Cat dashed out the door, and picked it up, bringing it inside to play with. It was a pure white cat with blue eyes, and Cat could tell it was semi-blind, because it would usually bump into things. While playing with it, she realized how much time had passed, and exercised a bit, before sprinting down to the cafeteria for breakfast. She brought along the cat, deciding to ask for food that was edible to cats. Once she received the food, Cat immediately headed out the door and began to feed the little adorable kitties. It was going to be a great day; Cat definitely knew it.

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Character Information

PostSubject: Re: Cathy Felinius (Awaiting Approval/Review)   Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:42 am

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Cathy Felinius (Awaiting Approval/Review)
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