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 Lucario "Legion" Yamada

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Lucario Yamada
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Character Information

PostSubject: Lucario "Legion" Yamada    Tue Aug 28, 2012 9:20 pm


Basic Information
Name: Lucario Yamada
--Nickname: Legion
---Special Title: NA
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Weight: [135] lbs
Height: [5]'[8]"

Loyalty: Neutral
Birth-date: [Feb] [14]
Place of Birth: Hizo Japan
Place of Living: NA
Black Order Branch:NA


Lucario is incredibly flippant, mouthing off to even the most powerful of enemies, and he generally enjoys rubbing people the wrong way. He did mature as time went by, but never really lost his attitude. Lucario rarely shows any seriousness. He can be serious when the situation calls for it, but he still maintains a fairly laid-back demeanor during such situations and is never without a witty taunt or comeback. He can seem at times to be uncaring or even callous, but actually has a very strong sense of justice and prefers to fight fairly. He can be counted on to do the right thing, even if he makes cynical quips about it the entire time.

He is usually seen with a calm smile on his face never doing much just sitting around playing shogi with whoever or is int he courtyard playing soccer . These are the two main things he does on his free Though he hardly wins due to the fact that he always loses on purpose. He proves to be a worthy opponent in the game but has a sense of compassion for those who play and lets them win. Which leads to the soft side of Lucario always letting an enemy live with the exception of hollows. Lucarios sense of forgiveness is deemed as his greatest flaw. He is always criticized by those around him that his forgiveness is going to get him killed one day. He wasn’t always forgiving but the death of people close to him had lead him to become more compassionate but he does well to hide this from those around him.

His sense of compassion doesn't mean that he won't kill anyone though. He knows that in the current state of the world he'll be forced to kill which is something he's come to peace with but will try to avoid it if possible.

Lucario tends to be more lenient with women only because He flirts with them and tries to get under their skin. He hardly calls any women by their name always referring to them as honey or babe. Whatever he can think of. It's not that he believes they are weak or thinks less of them but he's just a womanizer.

Besides being fond of women Lucario does has a fondness for pizza, and while he complains about olives, he always ends up with them on his pizza. Lucario believes that pizza is the "best food ever".He also has a habit of getting roaring drunk;he mentions getting so drunk that he proposed to a mop. He has terrible luck with gambling and tries to avoid it but he gambles anyways. Lucario is usually always reading a book in his store not really caring about much or even if it closes. When people come in he usually assumes that they always want to use the bathroom and tells them lazily that its in the back.


Physical appearance-
He's a fairly tall young man with dark red crimson eyes with three black tomes around his his pupil due to the innocence and anti-akuma weapon being located in them. Lucarios hair is jet black with bangs that frame his face and a low ponytail that reached into his upper back. The ponytail is not visible though due to the cloak that he always wears. Though second most noticeable feature after his eyes are the long pronounced tear troughs under his eyes. His body is some what muscular and toned to point. Not like bodybuilder toned but more of an athletic build. On his back he has a large cross shaped scar extending all the way across. Then there is a scar running diagonally across his forearm as a reminder of his past.


Lucarios clothing is very simple and consists of body mesh under a blue v-neck T-shirt with a sash around the waist, and blue pants. Though what he wears on top that clothing is a little more complex. He is usually seen wearing a long, dark cloaks with red clouds, a red interior, and a chin-high collar. conical straw hat with small ornamental torques and tassels hanging down over their faces. His hat is used to move around in the general population unnoticed, and for when the weather requires one. The hat usually hides his eyes and face from the public so he doesn't have to face Akuma when his eyes need rest. He wears a protective headband with the Yamada Clan sign. The design has a strike though it showing that he no longer has a tie with them due to his master vanishing.


Excellent, Above Average, Average, Below Average, or Poor. For every Excellent you have, you need one Poor or two Below Average. For every Above Average, you need one Below Average. If wanted, you can have them all Average.
Strength: Below Average
Speed: Average
Stamina: Average
Innocence/Chi Synch: Average
Intelligence: Above Average

Anti-Akuma Weapon Information
Weapon Type: Eyes
Weapon Class: Parasitic
Weapon Appearance:

Weapon Abilities:
His anti akuma weapon allow him to summon creatures,weapons, and flames.

Holy flame summon: These flames are referred to as the holy flames of heaven. At level one the flames are red and burn at scorching temperature enough to melt any metal, at level 2 the flames change to dark blue color. The flames temperature is about as hot as the earths core while at level 3 the flames are black and are said to be as hot as the sun. Lucario closes his eyes then opens them making a pocket of flames appear where he is looking.

He is then able to control the flames and make them take any shape Lucario wants from a sword and shield to a large dragon if he so wished. The flames work almost the same way legion summon work except no summoning circle appears. Since Lucario summons the flames they don't burn him, allowing him to wield them in weapon form. He is also able to combine the flames with the legions he summons to further increase their attack.

Legion Summon: These creatures are referred to as Legions and each legion creature has a unique ability and name. Each Legion has the same eyes as Lucario when they are summoned which allows Lucario to see through their eyes giving him an almost unmatched view of the battle.

On the battlefield they follow Lucario every command but he doesn't have to shout them out instead he's able communicate with them telepathically and whatever he thinks they do. Since the legions fight for Lucario which allows him to stay out of harms way most of the time, though this doesn't mean he can't join in on the fight to help his legions out. With each level Lucario gains he is able to access more unique and powerful legions.

Innocence Location:
His Innocence is located inside both of his eyes which is why his eyes appear to be crimson red with three tomes around his pupil that has little vertical lines in a row that appears to connect each tome to each other.

Background and Roleplay Information


Shinto hattori was born in a Japanese village known as Hizo. His mother was Luna hattori and his father Tenchi hattori. The newborn laughed out as the parents tried to figure out the little ones name. The parents looked at each other and smiled, saying "Shinto hattori.” The baby giggled at the name as he liked it. Very much. Shinto was put in a cold, dark room where he slept. The baby began easily snoring as they went upstairs and went to sleep.

A bird had set feet on the top of the house. A Japanese man took his Kunai knife and threw it at the bird straight through the head. The man started laughing and walked around the house to the back window. The man roughly smashed it with his hand and jumped straight in. He rolled over and ran into a room hoping to find something interesting, his instinct. The man walked up to the baby and picked him up. He jumped out of the window without any second thought. He ran with the baby to a far off river where he joined with his party it had seemed. He jumped on the boat and signaled the others to get on fast.

The set the baby down on the side and started rowing as soon as they all got on. It would take weeks to get back to Japan but it was worth it. Getting a baby, they could sell it for a slave or something. Shinto soon fell asleep after crying for at least thirty minutes. He woke up five hours later. He found himself on an island, all five of the Japanese men, were laying down by the boat dead. Shinto didn’t seem to know anything about what had happened, though he felt something was wrong. Shinto farted and crawled over to one of the bodies and attempted to touch one of their swords the men held earlier.

An arm reached at Shinto and grabbed him by the head, he was grabbed by a huge man, a samurai it seemed. The samurai took the baby and got in the boat and immediately began rowing. Lucario giggled at the man and started fiddling with the man’s toes. The man had some special Japanese medicine that he fed the child, making him fall into a deep sleep. The only food they had was coconuts, and the water from the ocean. They could survive. But with Shinto under that medicine he could survive for a month. Some type of special Japanese stuff.

A few days later, Shinto had seemed to wake up, they were in the middle of the Ocean. That Samurai was still rowing. But to Shinto, he just wanted food. He crawled over to an open coconut he seemed to had been eating and started eating off it. It was good to Shinto, he actually loved it. The child kept eating off it like it was his last meal. He was truly hungry. A few minutes later the man started laughed at ;shinto. He just shook his head and smiled at the boy.

Activation of innocence-
As the years passed by, Lucario had adapted the customs of Japan and had been given the name of Lucario and had also took the samurais last name Yamada. His life had been fairly easy always helping out his master whenever his could by doing small jobs where ever he could. Both lived a happy life and watched out for each other till one day an akuma had attacked them for the innocence located in Lucarios eyes. Hanate told Lucario to run but he refused saying that they should both run away.

Suddenly Lucarios eyes gained another tome and then combined with each other forming a pinwheel like design. The pinwheel surrounded his pupils and caused his pupil to turn red. His anti-Akuma weapon had been activated for the first time. Black writing began to appear in the air forming a complete hollow circle. The writing said "Feel Heavens Power Through." Lucario unknowingly said the words and the then a pinwheel design that had taken form in Lucarios eyes appeared inside the circle the words made. The pinwheel looked exactly how Lucarios eyes looked and once the pinwheel appeared a two legions walked out it. They looked exactly identical to each other standing shoulder high, knight-esque beings; each equipped with a broadsword. They wore helmets the cover everything starting from their noses and upwards. The back of these helmets formed several spike-like protrusions that protrude backwards. The backs of their heads are shaped like long spikes pointing backwards. They wore blue, metallic armour on their right arms with leathery forearm protectors on each arm, and dark grey leather pants.

The two legions quickly attacked the Akuma performing a coordinated attack that made the Akuma unable to react and be slayed fairly easy. The Akuma vanished as it was slayed and the legions vanished with out a trace. The pinwheel in Lucarios eyes vanished and reverted back to his his tomes but instead of having two he now had three tomes extending around his pupil. He closed them in pain; his eyes slowly and when he did his master was gone. Lucario looked around but it seemed that he had vanished without a trace.

Lucario was exiled from his clan since he couldn't prove how his master died. So he drew a scratch mark across his headband. After being exiled He tried to live a normal life but it seemed wherever he went Akuma attacked him or when exorcists got near him it would destroy his life and he'd had to start over.Eventually he just accepted that he'd never have a normal life so he became a wandering mercenary.  Six years had passed since Lucario stopped trying to have a normal life So now he was going around the world just wandering from place to place looking for small jobs here and there. Lucario still hadn't joined any organization due to the fact that he doesn't know which organization deserves his loyalty, and having kept a low profile only slaying akuma and fighting exorcists when he needed to, but now he knows he can't play the roll of neutral forever and that there be a point will he'll have to pick a side
Code of Approval:

I am a slave to the Order

Roleplay Sample:
The sun hung high in the sky giving off a brighter light than usual. Several clouds slowly danced around the sky as if they were having fun playing around the sun. Then to add to this beautiful day there was a nice gentle breeze which made the temperature not to hot but neither to cold. It was a truly peaceful day in paris which was perfect as a wanderer had found him-self in Paris.

He sat on the back of a merchants cart that offered to give him a ride from the port to Paris since that where the merchants shop was located. The whole ride had been rather quiet since Lucario didn't talk much just nodding his head to the merchants questions which was perfect since the merchant didn't stop talking the whole ride and even if Lucario did try to talk he wouldn't be able to get a word in at all. The merchants cart entered the city and stopped as the merchant told him that they were now in Paris. Lucario got off the cart and flicked two coins at the merchant paying him for the ride. The merchant told Lucario he didn't need to pay him that he was just trying to help a fellow traveler, but Lucario just turned around not saying a word and walked away.

He walked down a main street in Paris seeing all the shops and the Eiffel tower in the background. People hardly noticed Lucario as he wore his usual clothing which made him stand out a bit but also helped him blend in with crowds. He wore a simple blue v-neck T-shirt with a sash around the waist, and blue pants, but this was all covered by a long, dark cloak with red clouds, a red interior, and a chin-high collar that covered his mouth; then to top it off he wore a conical straw hat with small ornamental torques and tassles hanging down covering the rest his face. Even though no one could see his face except for his nose Lucario was perfectly able to see everything in front of him. He wore the hat for two reasons the first being that if protected his head from the heat, rain and other weather conditions and the second it hid his crimson red with three tomes around his pupil. His eyes were the sign that he carried innocence and he did well to hide them from everyone to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

As he walked looking at all the shops the ground began to shake and the windows rattled till some of them finally broke. People began to scream and shout as they watched the Eiffel tower start to crumble. Lucario came to a complete stop as he watched the Eiffel Tower crumble. "It's true what they say Europe is in complete chaos." He thought. That was the entire reason Lucario had even arrived here in Europe in the first place. He had been keeping a low profile for the past six years only killing a few Akuma here and there and several people when the situation arose. He had been trying to stay off the radar of the order and the Earl of Millenium and went to as far to have stopped using his real name all together. If anyone knew anything about him it would only be his nickname "Guilt" and the type of clothing he wore.

Lucario knew that he should go see what was going on but a part of him just wanted to act like he never say the tower go down and walk away. He adjusted his hat a little making sure that his eyes  weren't going to be seen by anyone and walked towards the destruction. As he approached closer and closer he saw people running past him in fear. While other people ran ahead of him to go and try help all those who were hurt. Finally after twenty minutes of walking Lucario had finally arrived at all the destruction.  The tower laid on the ground crushing people and pinning people. He heard the voices of people screaming for help and in pain. "Might as well help a little." He thought.

He walked further into the destruction pulling out a person here and there from the ruble. They thanked him and ran off but there were several people who Lucario knew they were going to die so Lucario just put them out of their misery by suffocating them. They struggled by hitting his arm and trying to push him away from them but in the end they died. He emerged from the rubble and what he saw was a bit surprising to him. A little girl was dancing on top of the rubble eating ice cream acting as if nothing happened. "Hmmm... that's something you don't see everyday." he thought. Lucario then ignored her as he walked away from the rubble acting as if he didn't see her. The way he saw it talking to her would only be a waste of his time.

[ Naruto, Itachi Uchiha, Lucario Yamada/Guilt ]

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Character Information

PostSubject: Re: Lucario "Legion" Yamada    Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:16 pm

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Lucario "Legion" Yamada
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