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Hey everyone, we're returning! All members who come back from before the site died are allowed to update their character sheets, or make a new character starting as a level two!
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Character Information

PostSubject: Josiah FINISHED   Thu Aug 11, 2011 2:13 pm


Basic Information
Name: Josiah (Last Name Forgotten)
--Nickname: N/A
---Special Title: Level Three Exorcist
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Weight: 142 lbs
Height: 6'2"

Loyalty: The Black Order
Birth-date: March 31st
Place of Birth: Frankenmuth, Germany
Place of Living: Black Order Headquarters
Black Order Branch: European

Personality: Josiah is a very kind-hearted person to both friends and strangers. He is charming and treats people with the same respect he wishes to be treated with. He mostly works alone so not all people have seen how he acts when in combat. There are only few who can say that say they've seen his darker side. For the most part, everyone can characterize him as a polite, honest young man who always has something nice to say. He is especially protective of his friends and people who he is assigned to watch over.

When angered, he often expresses it only on people who he is close to, even though he does not mean it. He can be rude or snap at them if he gets too annoyed, or when he is very upset or angered, he often starts to raise his voice without realizing it. He spends his time afterward cooling off alone and constantly apologizing to those he lashed out on afterward.

When in combat, there is a side of him that hardly anyone ever sees. He is vicious and bitter towards life and all people around him. He acts as if he is not even human, and that he is only a weapon meant for destroying. This side gets the better of him very often and he has a hard time controlling, thus the reason that he works alone. When in a state of mind like this, he often puts his partners and people around him in danger because he moves so quickly, he cannot differentiate the innocent from the evil. Only few people can say they've seen this side of him and live to tell the tale.

Appearance: Josiah has long, blonde hair and bright blue eyes. He is generally tall and very slender with tone in his chest. He wears a white shirt with black pants under his exorcist cloak and black boots to match. He has a ring on his right index finger that was given to him by someone he truly cares about within the order, though he will not say who it is.

Excellent, Above Average, Average, Below Average, or Poor. For every Excellent you have, you need one Poor or two Below Average. For every Above Average, you need one Below Average. If wanted, you can have them all Average.
Strength: Above Average
Speed: Excellent
Stamina: Excellent
Innocence/Chi Synch: Excellent
Intelligence: Excellent

Anti-Akuma Weapon Information
Weapon Type: Long Sword
Weapon Class: Equiptment
Weapon Appearance:
Weapon Abilities: It is like a normal sword forged with innocence.
Innocence Location: Forged within the blade

Background and Roleplay Information

History: Josiah was born into a small family, being the eldest child next to his sister, Amalia (also known as Amy by him) in Frankenmuth, Germany. His mother, Verena, and his father, Jarvis were both very hard workers who he hardly every saw. He was often left with his nanny who taught him to be polite and how to be respectful. Because of this, he has learned how to act in society and was generally a very liked person. Him and his sister were very close and he protected her with everything he had.

Unfortunately, when he had turned 11 years old, he discovered a sword within a sanctuary that he had visited and picked it up, noticing that there was a strange power reacting to it. His sister, who was with him went to touch the blade, but Josiah had stumbled backward, waving the sword as the energy within it flew toward Amalia, pushing her back against the wall, dead instantly.

This is the first time he ever experienced fear and anger and he couldn't control himself. He screamed and denied that he had killed his sister until the priest had seen came and found him mourning his deceased sister. He knew immediately that the boy had wielded the sword containing innocence and it must have reacted to his touch. He sent for exorcists and had him held in the cellar dungeons until they arrived.

As for his parents, they disowned him from his family name and told him to never remember himself as a Wulf. They claimed they hated him and left him to die in the dungeon, not knowing the true fate of him. Exorcists then came and picked Josiah up and assured him he'd have a better life.

With his sister gone, he knew that he was going to have a hard time being motivated to do anything, but he kept trying. When he turned 12, he was able to start going on missions. He and an older exorcist who was more experienced were assigned to go all the way to Japan because the Asian branch was currently being rebuilt. They went there to watch the area for innocence and found a young girl holding a glowing piece of jewelry that seemed to be reacting with innocence. They then knew they found a girl who was meant to be an exorcist.

They immediately took her away from her brother who seemed to be with her, and she screamed and cried the entire way. For the first month, he was to watch over her, and she wouldn't eat or sleep. He soon learned that her name was Aemi Stronghold, which came close to home for him since he often called his sister Amy. He decided that he had to, with all his power, make sure that she was safe and that she'd have a happy life.

She eventually opened up to him and with half a year gone by, he finally was let go of quarantine, but to be watched by Josiah as he mentored her. She was only five years old, almost six, and he thought she was adorable. He eventually taught her how to control her weapon and she started to grow in her power fast.

Now being 24 and seeing Aemi as 17, he knows he did the right thing and helped her grow strong. She is still very fond of him and only few other people, but it saddens him to see how antisocial and depressed she is. Most times he sees her, she is crying. He spent most of his time mentoring her and as she grew older, she grew beautiful as well.

He accidentally found himself falling in love with her by the time she was 15. He tried to deny it, especially since he knew that he was seven years older than her, but he couldn't help himself. She was the only girl he ever grew to know as a person and loved her deeply, far more than a friend. Unfortunately, she had admitted to him that she was in love with someone else, who was taken from the Order as a prisoner, named Allen Walker, and it crushed his hopes of ever telling her the truth. He now watches her in silence, but continues to be her friend and protect her, as well as serve the order as a powerful ally and friend.

Code of Approval: I read the rules and Rin is a sexy beast.

Roleplay Sample: Mary said I needed not one.


[ Howl's Moving Castle, Howl, Josiah ]
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Character Information

PostSubject: Re: Josiah FINISHED   Thu Aug 11, 2011 2:47 pm

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