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Hey everyone, we're returning! All members who come back from before the site died are allowed to update their character sheets, or make a new character starting as a level two!
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PostSubject: Kyoshiro    Kyoshiro  I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 10, 2011 2:57 pm


Basic Information
Name: Kyoshiro Inuzaki
--Nickname: Ghost
---Special Title: Level Two Exorcist
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Weight: [167] lbs
Height: [6]'[2]"

Loyalty: Black Order
Birth-date: [September] [9]
Place of Birth: Birmingham, UK
Place of Living: The Black Order
Black Order Branch: European

Personality:Kyoshiro displays a multitude of attitudes in certain situations of his usual everyday life. He is casually silly and youthly influenced in his personal life along with in circumstances the require no seriousness. Around friends, Kyo is a very open, contently spirited person. Usually displaying a calm, layed-back attitude, though he sometimes can be a bit sensitive. However, he is perfectly capable of being very mature and serious, and shows a strong sense of wiseness that is usually shadowed by his usually foolishly silly personality. This side of him is only shown in serious or formal situations however.


Excellent, Above Average, Average, Below Average, or Poor. For every Excellent you have, you need one Poor or two Below Average. For every Above Average, you need one Below Average. If wanted, you can have them all Average.
Strength: Below Average
Speed: Above Average
Stamina: Average
Innocence/Chi Synch: Average
Intelligence: Average

Anti-Akuma Weapon Information
Weapon Type: Sword
Weapon Class: Equipment
Weapon Appearance:A long silver nodachi
Weapon Abilities: Kyoshiro's weapon ability is to control and alter molecules.
Level One:
Level Two:
Innocence Location:

Background and Roleplay Information

History:Kyoshiro was born into an orphanage. He knew nothing of his mother or father, he wouldn't even know his name if his parents hadn't left that with him. Most of his early life, he would help his foster mother and study. That was what his life consisted of for several years, along with the occasional bully or two. He had alwyas been fast and had always been able to sense things others couldn't. In fact, it was discoverd that all of his senses were doubled of that of a normal human. He assumed that this was a trait of his parents that had been passed onto him. By the time he was 10, he had been bullied so often that he was now able to simply dodge every single swing his bullies would throw, instead of being forced to run away.

When he was twelve, he began discovering strange that he could do strange things. He was able to move things without touching them. Every day he would do this, he would try to move something that was far out of his reach. He suceeded every time. No one knew, for an entire year he practiced this until his foster mother saw him moving an entire bookshelf. It shocked her so much that she died of a heart attack. He couldnt believe what he'd done. The only person that had other loved him or cared for him, had died because of him. For two years, he didnt say a word, he didnt move anything without touching it and if anyone tried to beat on him, he would just let them. On his 15th birthday, the people that had been beating him up since he could remember finally tried to end it, they were going to kill him. Kyo sat in the kitchen, his assailants enterd. There was 7 of them, all of them were two or three years older than he was, and without a sign or warning, they began hitting him. He knew he wouldn't survive even two minutes of this with so many people hitting him at once, he let out a scream and then, a distinct spilling noise was heard. The beating stopped and everyone else screamed, Kyo opend his eyes slightly only to see a knife impaled through one of the assailants` face. They all ran and he just sat there, staring at the dead body, the body fell to its knees, but no lower. The rest of the night, he just laid there, smiling slightly.

The next morning, he showerd, packed his bags and left the orphanage. He had become carefree and ventured out to live his life on his own. He didn't last long without being found by The Black Order, however. He was recruited into the order and has lived there for the past two years. The order made him who he is today and he continues to train his abilities everyday, in hopes to redeem himself for what he did to his foster mother.

Code of Approval:I read the rules and Rin is a sexy beast.

Roleplay Sample:

[Please Erase this part if you do not use a Face Claim. Do not forget to erase this message!]

[ Until Death Do Us Part, Hijikita Mamoru, Kyoshiro ]

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PostSubject: Re: Kyoshiro    Kyoshiro  I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 10, 2011 6:28 pm

I cant say much for your Anti-Akuma weapon, im sure when you make your weapon app it will be more understandable but for now


this is Farnk?
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