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 Speed Training (Open to any and all)

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PostSubject: Speed Training (Open to any and all)   Fri May 13, 2011 6:17 pm

A loud clang echoed throughout the sparring zone along with rapid panting.

If one looked closer, one could see a figure dressed in black leaning over his scythe for support to stand. If they looked in the direction he was facing, they'ed see nothing but air...


Actually, that was what the figure (Narora) was training with currently.

Confused? Well allow me to explain.

You see, one of Narora's Innocences abilities is the ability to Fly. Or Hover, depending on how you look at it.

Some called it flying because he floated in the air for long periods of time (Not forever). Others called it Hovering, because of how slow he moved. And that was currently the problem.

Narora didn't move fast enough when he used that ability. So he was in a slight pickle for a few days, trying to move faster, but found it impossible.

That was, before his eye started to see lines or as he dubbed them, 'Freaky-Ass Strings'.

So, now that he could see his own energy, he eventually found out how it moved when he felt a certain emotion, or prepared a technique, namely: his Hover ability.

And so, after long hours of trying to go faster, he eventually tried playing around with the energy and got the hang of moving it around.

And so came the common sense. It was kind of like a math problem.

When Pressure was distributed over an Area, then it wasn't as powerful. But if the Area was shrunken, then the pressure increased as it got smaller, eventually, it would become a crushing force. And it should be the same with the energy it takes to do certain attacks right?


So, he pushed the power it took to make himself hover into his legs, and low and behold, he moved a lot faster. Abet, it was nowhere near the speed that Lenalee girl could move, but it was definitely faster than before.

But with that, came a problem. Though he could move faster, he couldn't stay up in the air as long, as the power that was met to be distributed over his whole body, was pushing out on his legs. So keeping the power there for long periods of time when he wasn't used to it, could result in his legs never working again.

And so, here he is, training the ability. By training with it, hid body would adapt to the power that his Innocence provided and he would be able to stay up longer, while keeping the speed up. Hell, he might even be able to move faster.

A small growl of concentration echoed through the large room as Narora began to concentrate once more. His legs glowed very slightly, and seemed to expand for a second before going back down.

He opened his eyes (which he had closed in concentration) and Jumped. High. As he went up, he landed on the air as if standing on normal, solid ground. He jumped a few times then began to run much faster than he could have before. He ran about 25 MPH normally, but now, he was moving at least 70 MPH. That was a 2.8x increase in speed. and the more he practiced, the more energy he could use. He was originally moving 2.5x faster (roughly 63 MPH), and had increased that amount by .3x.

Then he began to float downward. Then he outright fell. Before hitting the ground, he pushed of the ground with his hands and landed on his feet near a wall, then fell against it in pain from standing and slowly slid down.

"Damn... I can... only move... slightly more faster... than normal..." He said between inhaling the sweet, sweet Oxygen.
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Speed Training (Open to any and all)
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