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 The Harvester of Sorrow Returns (open to any and all ^^)

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PostSubject: The Harvester of Sorrow Returns (open to any and all ^^)   Sat May 07, 2011 9:56 pm

In the halls of the European Branch of the Black Order, Exorcists were everywhere. Everywhere but the halls, as it was the closest to the entrence, and it was cold as hell out.

A lone figure with a long cloak walked through the fog that surounded the Large building, and protecting it from being seen by anyone that wasn't suppose to know about it.

The figure was tall, around 5'11 or 6'1. Or maybe right in between? He had a long black trench coat on. It's shoulders were protected by shoulder guards, along with the knees. Behind the cloak that was half zipped up, from the man's chest to his waist, was black cloathing. Standard Exorcist uniform for males.

As the man got closer, his head came into view, along with some parts of his body. He had shoulder length silver hair, some of which was covering the left side of his face. As he walked, it sometimes parted enough to see a small hit of red behind them, and it looked as if it was almost glowing the same erie, blood red color.

The right side of his face was nothing special. It was normal for a man, if a little above average. It was kind of hard to explain. It was normal, but at the same time, very good looking, and it was only complemented by his Ocean Blue right eye.

His mouth was almost in a frown. It was slightly bordering on 'uncaring' and 'annoyed'. His hands where covored in fingerless, black gloves. On the back of the right glove was a white seal that spanned the entire back of his hand. Inside that seal, was his Equipment-type Innocence. A large, black scythe, about 1.2-3 times longer than he was himself. It's name was 'Harvester'.

The scythe was part of the reason this man was nicknamed the 'Harvester of Sorrow'. because wherever he went, he always brought Sorrow, with his scythe, Harvester. And Thus, after only a few missions, the 'Harvester of Sorrow' was the new man among the Exorcists.

As the man was about 15 yards from the entrance of the Order, and was in the halls, he stopped and looked around.

"... hasn't changed to much around here..." He commented dryly.
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PostSubject: Re: The Harvester of Sorrow Returns (open to any and all ^^)   Sun May 08, 2011 10:58 am

Aemi was walking through the halls nonchalantly, but avoided eye contact with anyone she came across. Like most expected, she kept her nose up to a book, reading while walking, yet she was still able to coordinate herself through the halls without running into anything or anyone.

Her weapon was sealed in its smaller, deactivated position, clipped to her belt hidden under her exorcist cloak. While one hand was visible holding the book to her face, the other one was holding onto her belt, as if for support while walking, but the only reason she actually did it was so that she wouldn't lose sight of her weapon.

As she walked through the hallway, she couldn't help but slow down a bit near the entrances; it was getting colder since the doors opened and closed every other twenty minutes. She lifted her head from her book for a moment to look around, seeing a young man with silver hair, but disregarded him immediately, trying to avoid conversation as she continued to look around, as if pretending she had not seen him.


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PostSubject: Re: The Harvester of Sorrow Returns (open to any and all ^^)   Sun May 08, 2011 12:11 pm

Narora turned his attention from the hall walls to the noise of someone's shoes hitting the ground. He turned his head behind him at the entrances after a few minutes, because the halls were so small, sound liked to echo a lot, so it sounded as if it was coming from every direction.... abet, even if there was only two.

The sound suddenly slowed down and he turned his attention to a young woman at the other side of the halls holding a book in her right hand while her other hand was slightly hidden from view. She wasn't reading the book though, as her eyes where looking around it and seemed to stare through him like he didn't exist.

Narora's visible eye slightly narrowed, but in a nearly visible way. '... Hmm.. she seems new.... or I've just never bothered to look around myself every now and then... probably the second...' He suddenly paused and made a slight face. 'Wait... does thinking like this make me insane...?' He dropped the face and let out a nearly noticeable sigh.

He continued walking to his destination currently: The Dining Hall. It had been quite some time before he had actually had something to eat.

As he walked closer to the woman, he made sure to close his hidden, mutated left eye so as to not scare her away. Even if it was hidden, people did sometimes get accidental glances at it and became terrified. He'd learned after a few missions that it wasn't good to scare away the clients and just did this whenever he could.

Though he could be wrong. From the look on the womans face, and the look in her eyes, she didn't look like one to be scared of a slightly mutated eye. But either way, he didn't know her, so he couldn't be sure.
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PostSubject: Re: The Harvester of Sorrow Returns (open to any and all ^^)   Thu May 12, 2011 4:10 pm

(Bump? o.o)
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PostSubject: Re: The Harvester of Sorrow Returns (open to any and all ^^)   

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The Harvester of Sorrow Returns (open to any and all ^^)
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