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Hey everyone, we're returning! All members who come back from before the site died are allowed to update their character sheets, or make a new character starting as a level two!
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PostSubject: Narora Senoku   Narora Senoku I_icon_minitimeSat May 07, 2011 1:16 pm


Basic Information
Name: Narora Senoku
--Nickname: Harvester of Sorrow
---Special Title: Level 1 Exorcist
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Weight: 151 lbs
Height: 6'0"

Loyalty: Black Order
Birth-date: 1/31
Place of Birth: Japan
Place of Living: Black Order European Branch
Black Order Branch: European Branch

Personality:Narora has two personalities that he switches between, weather he likes you or not.

The first is a cold hard ass, much like Kanda. He doesn't give a damn about you unless he has to.

And his second is a happy one, he only lets this show around people that were able to work their way into his heart. In battle, he shows almost no emotion. (ALMOST!)

His first personality developed after he had lost a girl he loved to a Level 3 Akuma, at the age of 13.

Appearance:Narora has shoulder length Silver hair, and two different colored eyes. His Right eye is a simple deep, sea blue eye. But his left is mutated, but it is unknown why, and doesn't seem to poses any supernatural powers. His left eye id a Blood red one. With a Black animal like slit. So, he mostly puts his silver hair over it, hiding it from view to almost everyone. He wares mostly black, but can always be seen with his long black cloak on over him. It's only zipped up from his chest to his waist, letting the bottom open for maximum mobility.

(I'll try to make a picture later, for now, use my avatar to improvise)

Anti-Akuma Weapon Information
Weapon Type: Long Black Scythe
Weapon Class: Equipment
Weapon Appearance:
Weapon Abilities:
Levitation – An Ability that allows Narora to float into the air to attack Level 1 Akuma much more easily.
Getsuga Sendou – A Black slash fired from the Blade of the Scythe.
Sendou Flash – Narora levitates up above any enemies he faces and slashes multiple times to form many Getsuga Sendou attacks. They move and hit so fast, it almost seems like a flash. Its downside is it stops Narora from moving a lot after use, for it uses a lot of power (for now, it will be easyer as he gets stronger, and by he's a lvl 3, he'll be able to use it multipule times).

Innocence Location: Whole weapon (Staff included)

Background and Roleplay Information

Narora was actually, born into the Black Order by two unknown parents, who were killed by the very rare Level 4 Akuma that appear. He was 5 at the time, and when they had turned to kill him, he was saved by a great many Exorsists. When he was brought back to the order, it was found he was carrying a piece of Innocents with him, which, upon removal, flew back to his hands and formed the Scythe he now uses to fight with. And the second that happened, his Left eye changed color, the reason for this is unknown, but it has been left alone since it doesn't seem to have any sort of power at all. The only effect it seemed to give, was to scare people out of their minds. If they didn't run, he had found they might be Akuma, or just didn't give a damn.... mostly it was the Akuma one, sometimes it was the second, but mostly they were Akuma. By no means, he had explained, did it allow him to see anything like an Akuma soul.

A few days after, he was thrown into a Coma. A coma he was in for almost 6 years. When he awoke one day, he was almost intently taken to see if he was good enough to be in the order. He passed, and even at the young age of 10, he's synchronization rate was 60%.

When he was 13, he met a girl by the name of Nami. She had white hair and white eyes. She was about 5'6 and curvy for a 13 year old. It wasn't long after he had confessed to her, and they dated for about 6 months before she was killed by a Level 3 Akuma. And thus, Narora developed his cold personality, vowing to kill any Akuma he should find. and so, he trained. and over the next 2 years of training, he was now at 69% synchranization. Not very much improvement, but it was something. another 2 years, and he is almost at 70% synch.

And now, he fights Akuma in the world, easily being able to hold his own against Level 2's, and destroying Level 1's in a Flash (*wink*).

Roleplay Sample:
(LVL 1 sample)
Narora jumped aside as the Level 1 Akumas he was fighting fired at him. They were ugly, accompanied by four Level 2 Akuma, and one Level 3.

"tck. Just my luck. I have to fight them." He simply stuck his hand out and gripped the air. "Come, Harvester." As he said this, A huge black Scythe flashed into existence. Its blade was long, maybe 6-7 feet. Its staff was about 8 feet long. He spun it with ease, as if it didn't way much more than a feather. And took a relaxed stance. "Lets get this over with."

He spun the blade around, and cut the shots fired at him by The Level 1's in half, passing him harmlessly. "To easy." He jumped into the air, and glided toward them, cutting through them without so much as a flick of his wrist. Seeing no harm in using one of his Getsuga Sendou, he made a Horizontal cut with the Scythe Blade, letting out a long black slash, it cut through all the other Level 1's in a flash, leaving the four level 2s, and the Level 3.

(LVL 2 Sample)

He sighed at the odds. He wouldn't be able to kill them with Level 1. He spun Harvester above his head, and stopped it when it pointed to the right, parallel with the ground. "Sorrow, Come to me!" His cloak flew off him, actually tearing off his body from the space distortion for the split second. His body gained a slight black/purple glow, before charging at the Level 2's. He blocked most of their attacks, getting nicks and cuts here and there on his body. soon he was cut down the back and was forced to jump into the air for a breather.

He lifted the Scythe, its blade glowing Black/Purple, and swung down, letting out many Getsuga Sendou. each one left mortal wounds on the Level 2's, but didn't kill them. He jumped down at them, they were paralyzed for a second as they tried not to kill themselves by moving, and cut down two before the others knew what happened.

one of them, stupid enough to move, charged him and had the blade cut the rest of the way through him. As he was fading away, the fourth one tried an attack from behind, only to be blocked by the blade, and sliced in half a second later.

Narora relaxed and turned to the lone Level 3 that was watching him.

(LVL 3 Sample)

Narora sized him up, and decided that Level 2 was not strong enough, no matter what he would try. He threw Harvester behind him, and let it float there behind him, spinning clock wise. He rose into the air, the space around him distorting even more.

"All shall be one with me!! Feel the power of Sorrow!!" The scythe flashed back into his hand, and let him fall to the ground. As he stood there, a new, White cloak draped itself over his shoulders from the air. A mask forming over his Right eye, nose, and mouth. Leaving only his blood red left eye visible. When he breathed, the mask changed the voice, as if someone else was talking in unison with him. "Bye Bye." He took a stance, and ran. His speed almost invisible to the human eye, but not an Akuma's eye.

The Akuma barely rolled to the left when Harvester came down on him. When he stopped, he threw a punch at Narora, to test him. He was surprised when Narora blocked his punch with the Scythe's handle, and threw him back a few feet. He screamed in pain, when Narora charged and cut his left arm off. He jumped away, holding the stub of an arm. "Damn it! Your pretty strong! I won't make that same mistake twice!"

He jumped at Narora, now taking to chances, and threw a high powered punch at him. Narora brought up the scythe blade again, and braced his legs as he skidded back 3 feet.

As he looked back up, he already found the Akuma on him. Behind his mask, his face twisted in pain as it punched his chest and sent him flying into a wall.

The Level 3 Laughed. "well, i guess you aren't as strong as i thought... Oh well.." As he turned to leave, he felt a hand on his shoulder, and turned to find Narora covered in Black/Purple fire. He grinned insanely, visible since his mask was broken, and laughed in a high pitched voice as he brought Harvester's blade down on the Akuma, It sliced through his side, taking a chunk of its ribs out.

The Akuma screamed again, half in fear, and half in pain. Fear, because he'd never seen someone like this. His hatred was actually rolling off him in the form of the Black/Purple flames. And pain cuz anyone would scream if you got your side cleaved out of you!!

He kicked Narora way, which only sent him into a back flip and let him land near the hole in the wall he made. He grinned again. This was his Luna Diviner. A technique he used as a last resort. He lost all sense of Judgment and killed anything he saw as a threat to him. And at the moment, that was the Akuma that was staring at him in fear. He laughed again in a high pitched voice and charged, now actually moving at speeds the human eye couldn't follow. He appeared with the Scythe at the Akuma's neck. He glanced up at it with insane eyes, and cut its head off, causing it to explode into nothingness.

Narora let out another insane laughter, and fell unconscious.
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