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Hey everyone, we're returning! All members who come back from before the site died are allowed to update their character sheets, or make a new character starting as a level two!
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PostSubject: Noa[h] ("Eibon")    Noa[h] ("Eibon")  I_icon_minitimeThu May 05, 2011 1:50 am


Basic Information
Name: Noa (Also known as Eibon or Noah-Kun, depends on the relation)
--Nickname: N/A
---Special Title: Archmage
Gender: Male
Age: 23 (actual age, 568)
Weight: 173 lbs.
Height: 6'2"

Loyalty: Himself
Birth-date: June 21
Place of Birth: N/A
Place of Living: In Hiding

Noah is first and foremost a prodigy archmage whom has even transcended death in that he cannot die of old age, he takes pride in his knowledge and display's his witty nature when he can. Half of the time he is completely serious especially when talking to his lesser known subordinates but to the ones he knows well he can be rather lax, not caring if they fail a mission and generally never going into a rage, he stays calm and collected easily. His other personality is a rather childish or silly nature, he generally makes childish remarks or plays games with people intentionally trying to piss them off but its fun for him so he doesn't care, he also is a bit of a flirt at times showing himself off by wearing wife beaters all the time. He also likes the think of himself as somewhat of a modern philosopher at times, expressing his vast knowledge in a unique way to make it easier for others to understand.

He wears a plaid military cap, with a two metal rings attached to the left side. Alongside his plaid cap is a plaid-colored, long-sleeved, collared shirt that is frequently seen hanging from his waist. Noah also wears a white tank top that is worn beneath an opened black, open-collared jacket. He also wears black pants and shoes. He has two necklaces of different lengths; the longer one has a crystal-like red color and the shorter necklace appears to be similar to a dog tag necklace. Noah appears to have several belts strapped around his upper body, over his white tank top but under his jacket. He has two belts strapped around his right thigh and two strapped around his lower left leg. He has the Book of Eibon strapped to the left of his waist.
Weapon Information
Weapon Type: Grimoire
Weapon Appearance:
Noa[h] ("Eibon")  Eibon-1
Weapon Abilities:

Rune Page: This is a page with a magic circle drawn on it torn out of the endless paged Grimoire of the one True Eibon, this page is a transportation device given to all members of the rebellion from Eibon, the user must simply put their hand on the middle of the circle to activate it, the page will suck in the person whom touched it and send them through space and time, being spat out of the Grimoire its self that Eibon keep on his person 24/7

Summoning: He is able to summon worm-like monsters from the confines of his book. They are able to fire a large explosive beam from their mouths, He has also shown the ability to summon various other creatures and objects such as giant blades, Manticore, Cyclops, Siren, Orthrus and The Horror Dragon.
Bottomless bag of Eibon: Eibon's evil Grimoire is able to obtain anything and hold it inside of its self, it has limitless space inside of it, Small target are easy to absorb, especially inanimate, large inanimate objects are not as complicated either, small living things such as creatures are a minor task as well but capturing something of human size or even bigger is a tough task and generally requires the target to be greatly wounded unless entering of free will, once inside, you cannot be let out by anyone or any means of magic other then Noa releasing you.

Abilities Information
Skills Class: Spacial/Time Magic

Time Lock: (This is a two part spell that must take 2 separate posts to complete.)

Part 1: Eibon removes himself from direct combat so that he is able to focus and remain still, He bows his head and brings his palms close together concentrating a large amount of magic force into his hands and a small translucent green box, this is a time lock box, though it is not active until the time key locks it, Eibon will expand his hands until the box is to large to be between his hands, the box will now float on its own over to its target and get into position, the box can be however large Eibon wants it but the large the size the more energy consuming it will be especially because of the high level of magic.

Part 2: Once Eibon create the time box and gets it in place he will repeat the same actions but it will create a large golden key made of raw magical force, this key has the powerful ability to govern time. The key will float over to the bock as the box forms a key hold that will fit the time key perfectly, the key will then proceed to lock the time box activating its time stopping effect, whom ever is trapped inside this box will be frozen in time until touched by the creator of the box or the box is shattered by another high level magic or attack.

Age change: This ability is generally used for situations when Eibon must switch from a range style fighting to a more close up and personal form of fighting, he has been in the use of magic for a very long time and even unlocked the secret to immortality (eternal youth, not true immortality) thus he has lived for several hundreds of years and have dabbled in countless types of magic, in his current state Eibon he specializes in spacial/time magic but in his other most powerful state, he goes by Noah and his main forte is partial transformation/bestial magic

Abilities Within Age change~


Also apart of his Age change, Noa is able to revert back to his younger state as well back when he just began magic and went by Noah, he obviously retains his knowledge however, but this body is much weaker and would not beable to preform the level of magic Noa could, Noah started out a decent Charms magician before he found his great talent for magic
(What a stud ;D hehehe)

Background and Roleplay Information


Roleplay Sample:

Jonneh~ nuff said.

[ Soul Eater, Noah (Noa), Noa ]

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PostSubject: Re: Noa[h] ("Eibon")    Noa[h] ("Eibon")  I_icon_minitimeFri May 06, 2011 12:42 am

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Noa[h] ("Eibon")
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