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 A trap for Akuma

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PostSubject: A trap for Akuma   Wed May 04, 2011 9:34 pm

Garet lay on a soft patch of grass less then a mile from the town of Rhode a suburb of Lyon that had recently seen a drastic increase in it’s akuma production rate, no doubt due to the fact that the one therapist in town just so happened to be a broker. Garet had come to the town less then two weeks ago looking to test a new invention of his, a combination of force runes, sense runes, and several black order barrier projectors to create a mobile prison capable of capturing and transporting a live akuma. After nearly a week of bickering with the higher ups from the order they had finally given him the go ahead to capture an akuma and bring it in for testing, of course they thought he was using only science and not magic. However he had his own reasons for doing this, beyond helping the order.

As he sat waiting at the cross roads where he was supposed to meet a dispatch of exorcists from the order he visually went over the details of his invention. Parked behind him was a modified horse and carriage buggy. The system was quite simple first the ceiling of the buggy had been reinforced with titanium alloy scratched with blood form runes combined with sense runes, which would cause the metal to reshape itself in response to any damage. Connected to the sides of the carriage were eight interlinked barrier projection devices modified by magic to increase their output proportionately to energy output of the akuma, all of which were hard wired to three generators which composed the inside of the carriage. Next to the carriage stood two free horses and four horses strapped to the carriage itself.

If all went well he would have his very own akuma research specimen by the nightfall after next. Of course that was assuming that the exorcists the order sent were capable and intelligent. Adjusting his grip on his cane and sliding his pinstripe hat over his eyes Garet closed his eyes trying not to think of the stains that probably were seeping into the back of his suit jacket. It was all worth it, soon the exorcists would arrive and he could set his plan in motion.
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A trap for Akuma
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