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 Neah Walker (the 14th noah)

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PostSubject: Neah Walker (the 14th noah)   Wed May 04, 2011 12:46 am


Basic Information
Name: Neah Walker
--Nickname: 14th
---Special Title: The Pianist
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Weight: 165 pounds
Height: six foot 3

Loyalty: Himself
Place of Birth: Unknown
Place of Living:Europe

Personality:Neah is nice, caring, and well-mannered, most of the time polite man. Most of the time he is kind and soft spoken person. Though when angered he will let it loose on the person for example his love and hate for the millenium earl. He still calls him a brother but he still is trying to kill him. Unlike the other noah the 14th cares for the lives of human beings he still values them even though his only real human connection was his brother Mana. And unlike the other noah he will blend in witht the humans and make friends among them,

Normal Appearance:
except the eye color in his normal appearance he has silver eyes like allen walker

Noah Appearance:

Noah True Form Appearance:

Weapon/Abilities Information

Weapon Type: Sword
Weapon Appearance:
Weapon Abilities: Can recal the sword telepathically

Special Abilitie(s):
As a Noah, the 14th has command over the Akuma. Even after his betrayal and demise, he seems to have retained such authority, as when he resurfaced in Allen, the Level 4 Akuma that tried to kill them froze in terror, realizing that its target was a Noah. As with all Noah, his abilities were based on Dark Matter, and he could destroy Innocence with a simple touch. As a Noah, he is immune to the Akuma blood virus, which is normally fatal to the humans touch. The 14th was powerful enough to match the Earl in combat for a time and almost kill him.

He is also one of the three members of the family that have the authority to control the ark, the other two being Road and the Millennium Earl. In fact, he has a secret room in the ark that contains a second piano (which serves as its heart) that none of the other Noah family members, even the Earl, knew about.

Background and Roleplay Information

History:Before the events of the main series the 14th had, to become the new patriarch of the Noah Family, attempted to stop the Family and Millennium Earl's plan to wipe out humanity, this betrayal included his attempted murder of the Earl himself and nearly succeeded. However the Earl came out as the ultimate victor; barely surviving his encounter with the 14th. However unbeknownst to the Earl and the other Noahs, he passed on his memories to Allen Walker. Sometime prior to his death, he had requested Cross Marian, to watch over Mana, promising that one day he would return from the dead.
Almost nothing has been revealed as to the 14th's nature or history. It is known that he was the younger brother to Mana Walker. It could also be inferred from a conversation with Wisely that the 14th was not an original Noah family member, as Wisely can use his Demon Eye to search his previous incarnation memories, and there were only thirteen noah family members at the beginning.

It is revealed that Tyki Mikk's appearance is exactly what the 14th used to look like (according to Road Kamelot, Wisely and Allen Walker). Also, it is hinted that The Earl and the 14th used to be close friends (The Earl's memories about the 14th telling him that he "would always be by his side").

Although the exact time is unknown, it is also said that he implanted his memories in Allen before he died. It is speculated by the Black Order that he chose Allen because Allen was an accommodator of a powerful Innocence. His memories appear to Allen as a portly musician with an eerie black face with no features, other than eyes and a mouth. The 14th also has wings in some pictures of him. The 14th speaks gently to Allen in their encounters, and seems to mean him no harm, despite the fact that it is implied that someday he will consume Allen's body and be reborn. It is also apparent that the 14th's will is to gain revenge against the Millennium Earl upon his rebirth. No motive has been given as to why the 14th betrayed the Earl, nor who exactly the human he gave his powers to is. It is also unknown what sort of supernatural power he possesses, besides the ability to control the Ark.

When Allen is almost killed by a level 4 Akuma, the Akuma sees the 14th Noah inside of him. At first, this is represented by Allen looking calm and smiling in a Noah-ish manner, but shortly after he seems to become a monster reminiscent of a flaming skeleton.
Third Exorcists Arc Edit
In chapter 184, Allen seemed to be temporarily taken over by the 14th after he awoke from his dream. During that time, Allen gave an angry-looking ominous expression, and looks down, probably at Timcampy, before Lenalee Lee's voice brings Allen's conscious back.
It is revealed that the 14th's reason of trying to kill the Earl was that he wanted to be the Earl himself. In chapter 189, as the Earl pins down Allen and reveals that he knows that Allen is the 14th (he says the 14th "called to him" through an Akuma), the 14th awakes in Allen and confirms this.

He then goes further by calling the Earl "brother" and tells him that he's going to kill him to become the Millennium Earl himself.Later, when Yu Kanda accidentally nearly frees Neah, Neah tells Allen that the Earl is nothing more than a puppet to destruction like Allen is a mad puppet (possibly referencing Allen's obsession with saving humans and akuma) and how he'll end it all by destroying the Noah. However during the attempt, the barrier that has been sealing Allen's left eye is broken by Timcampy, an image of Mana vividly comes back to mind, and seemingly snaps Allen back to his senses (chapt 198).

Then after the battle with apocrophys Allen went on the run for two years. While allen was on the run Aphrophys innocense along with allens combined some how and split all and neah apart into two differnt people one back to allen as he was and neah the way he was before he died. Since then neah has been out in the world searching for the earlto take his place as the new millenium earl.

Roleplay Sample: Neah stood in his dressing room getting ready for the show as he finished putting on the last of his makeup. there was a knock at the door he let out a sigh and placed the make up down and walked over to the door slowly. He put on a smile as he looked out and saw that it was a stage hand for his new job. five more minutes Mr. walker. Neah smiled and nodded his head "Ill be there Sam just finishing up." The assistant smiled and waved good bye to Neah. Neah closed the door and put on his clown suite very much like his brother mana. Since the split between him and Allen Neah has been working at a circus under the name of his brother Mana. Neah walked slowly past the other circus workers and waved happily to a few familiar faces. Then a voice on the loudspeaker came saying "Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls it my my pleasure to introduce our circuses prized clown Mana walker!!!!" Neah ran out on the stage and purposely tripped and did a front summer sault and landed on his butt which then pressed down on the whoopee cushion in his back pocket. Neah got up and smiled and took off his little hat and made a little bow to the crowd as they all laughed and clapped.

Neah got up and smiled he always loved the sound of laughter. Then the other clowns came out the crowd cheered as one clown came in driving a small car. Neah smiled as he walked over to the car and pulled out a unicycle and began to balance himself on it and wheel around the ring. He pulled out 3 balls from his pocket and began to juggle them happily and easily. Then something made him stop juggling. There out in the crowd neah could sense something very familiar. Neah continued to juggle and unicycle around the ring but out of the corner of his eye he saw a familiar face. It was Road Kamelot she was watching him. Neah grabbed threw the balls high into the air and grabbed a pie from a nearby clowns hand and threw it at a clown. the crowd laughed and cheered for him as he did a front flip and landed on his feet and caught the 3 balls into his pockets. In the back of Neahs mind he was thinking 'What is road doing here no one were i am i move around alot very odd ill have to take care of her." Neah walked off the stage and into his dressing room and began to take off his makeup. He cleaned himself off and switched to his old clothes and sighed as he changed from his normal human form to that of his noah form and walked out the back and waited for confront road.


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PostSubject: Re: Neah Walker (the 14th noah)   Wed May 04, 2011 3:11 pm

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Neah Walker (the 14th noah)
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