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February 2019

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 Hunt in Berlin (Sasuke)

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PostSubject: Hunt in Berlin (Sasuke)   Wed May 04, 2011 12:24 am

Lenalee looked out the window of the moving train watching the scenery that was passing by at a reasonable pace. It was a day of good weather. A good time to go on a mission. The atmosphere was calm, giving her a serene expression. The silence lasted, with an occasional shift in position. A strand of hair was wrapped around a single finger, twirling it. It was needless to say that she was trying to wait patiently for something, or someone.

She had been immediately sent on a mission without any earlier notice, giving her limited time to prepare for the task. Luckily, it ended up with out any problems. Her information on paper lay in her lap, she was going to go over it with another Exorcist that was supposedly joining her in the quest to hunt Akuma. She wondered if he or she would be someone Lenalee was familiar with. If it was with someone she knew, then things would go smoother. If was with a new Exorcist, then she would try her best to guide them. Either way it didn't matter much, just a passing thought as she waited for their arrival which would probably be soon.

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PostSubject: Re: Hunt in Berlin (Sasuke)   Wed May 04, 2011 2:30 am

Sasuke had been informed that he would go on a mission but he would go ahead of his assigned partner and wait for him or her at the train station in Germany. Sasuke didn't give any second thoughts to whom his partner might be, nor did It matter to him, all he wanted to do was complete the mission and become stronger. He arrived at the station a whole day and a half before his parter, getting his room prepped for the night stay as they would be there for a day or two.

Sasuke headed down to the station the next day to pick up his partner, he wore uncanny cloths, different from the ones that Exorcists usually wear. He wore a very loose fitting deep V neck sleeveless shirt that seemed to attach to his black pants with a large dark purple cloth wrapped around his waist which was tied by a giant sash. From his wrist to the middle of his fore arms, they were wrapped in bandages but not for covering up injuries, also his chest from his waist line to just above the first two pectoral muscles were covered by bandages, he wore black socks and tabi on his feet, holstered on his sash was his sword lightning bane. His hair was matted down to his head as it rained lightly, his eyes were very weird, they were blood red and inside of them were a parable of shapes that looked like a six. He stood in the corner, just barely visible to his partner as he waited.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunt in Berlin (Sasuke)   Wed May 04, 2011 5:26 pm

The train had come to a stop on Berlin Station, allowing Lenalee to step off and take in her current surroundings. There wasn't much of a difference to it as other stations she'd been to had been the same. It was that time of day where people came out. Multitudes of them bustled about, heading toward their destination. Some were businessmen and families, others were tourists or wandering travelers. She passed a throng of people, giving a quick apology to anyone she had bumped into, and headed toward the edge of the station where the crowds seemed less dense. Looking back, it seemed that everything was quite lively.

Looking around the station, the Exorcist had began the search for her partner on the mission. She realized it would be a difficult task to do, due to the amount of people. Plus, she hadn't seen anyone in an Exorcist uniform around either. If the mission was with someone she didn't know well, then it may take her a while to find them. Maybe they would end up finding her. She flattened the skirt of her uniform and sat down, turning her head on occasion to look around until she spotted her partner, or until her partner had spotted her.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunt in Berlin (Sasuke)   Wed May 04, 2011 10:10 pm

Sasuke had been leaning against a wall right next to a bench waiting for his parter to arrive, he did look very different from everyone but he was still hard to pick out because of all the people who walked like zombies, silent and clearly not paying attention to what they were doing or what was going on. He also wore a bandage headband on his forehead to keep the bangs out of his face which was helpful to him. He waited by the bench for about 30 minutes before a girl clearly dressed in an Exorcist Uniform came along and sat down literally right next to him, it was obvious that she hadn't seen him or she might have said something to him.

He stood next to her for a good 3 minutes before he put one hand on his hip and turned to look at her, his face was rather still, he made no effort to look happy as usual, he was a rather emotionally tormented fellow down inside but he just used silence to keep the anguish at bay. "You are my partner?" Sasuke said as he made clear eye contact with her.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunt in Berlin (Sasuke)   Wed May 04, 2011 10:37 pm

Lenalee instinctively flinched at the voice, which was rather close, but it was apparent that it was being addressed to her. Jerking her head, she met red eyes looking down at her own. A boy of around her age had been the one who spoke to her. He contrasted with the crowd, and she wondered why didn't she notice him any sooner. She vaguely recognized him as one of the Exorcists, she had never really interacted or spoke much with him. Recalling his words, Lenalee realized by the word 'partner' that he was the one whom she was supposed to go on this mission with. He wasn't wearing the Exorcist uniform, which was why she didn't notice him.

She quickly got up and slightly bowed in greeting. "Oh, my name is Lenalee Lee."

It was then that she found out that he had been there the whole time. It was quite embarrassing, yes, but she tried to not let it show on her expression, giving a timid smile at the solemn looking Exorcist instead. With finding her partner for this mission, they were set to leave the station, which had been accumulating more people by the minute. She picked up her belongings next to her and looked up at him once again.

"And yes, I'll be your partner for this mission."
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PostSubject: Re: Hunt in Berlin (Sasuke)   Fri May 06, 2011 1:48 am

Sasuke's hand shrunk back to his side from his hip as it hid under the cloak Sasuke wore around his shoulders which draped down to his ankles, this was what he normally wore to conceal his Chokuto. He watched as the girl quickly got to her feet and bowed politely to Sasuke which most people wouldn't do to him, most people, on first sight of him, felt the vibe that he was a stoic asshole which was not 100% true its just that he had some internal issues. Sasuke kept his usual straight face as he looked at her and quietly spoke, "Sasuke Uchiha is my name. Do you have the directions of where we are headed? The order said you would."
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PostSubject: Re: Hunt in Berlin (Sasuke)   Fri May 06, 2011 2:26 am

Lenalee blinked once at his straightforwardness. Then again, most Exorcists she knew were like that, so the girl didn't bother commenting and dismissed the thought. He seemed like the type to get things done, and just be done with it. She curtly nodded toward the boy, whose name she had just learned was Sasuke. It sounded like Japanese. "I have them."

She looked down in her hands to go over her stuff, looking for those papers that had their mission written in plain black text. There they were in her bag. Lenalee had packed light for the mission, as it seems to be this was going to be a short mission. Besides, it was easier and more organized, in difference to those long term mission. She did not look at the whole things yet, just some tidbits that were in bold lettering, so she could get the gist of it. The other parts they would go over together so they would make some sort of plan.

Lenalee held the papers up to show she had found them. "Why don't we leave the station for now? We can look at these on our way."
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PostSubject: Re: Hunt in Berlin (Sasuke)   Sat May 07, 2011 2:19 am

Sasuke nodded looking at her for a moment of awkward eye contact, his eyes seemed blank for such colorful things. He held his hands straight to his sides as if here were a soldier yet not standing at attention, Sasuke had a weird feel to him if you were around him but at the same time he gave off the vibe that he was secretly a very relaxed and laid back person but very few people actually knew this side to him. He watched as she messed with the papers she pulled out of her bag and looked at them when she held them up to him to prove she had them. Sasuke made no attempt to grad them, he had no where to put them so he let her keep them with her and she seemed somewhat trust worthy although Sasuke also had slight trust issues, he constantly though of himself as a loner ever since "the accident" with him and his brother. His eyes drifted away from hers for a moment as his lips slowly parted in direct yet normal tone, "Yes, we should get going shouldn't we? Mind leading the way..?"
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PostSubject: Re: Hunt in Berlin (Sasuke)   Sat May 07, 2011 3:04 am

"Let's go then." Lenalee shifted so she was facing the exits of the station. The city the two were in was quite large, so the station was too. Other stations she had been in were usually consisted of a single two-story building and platform. The doors were closer to them, facing behind the bench. Picking a random door with less people entering and leaving from, compared to the others, she started walking towards it after she looked back to see if Sasuke was following. Her shoes clicked on the floor with every step, but the sound was drowned out by the people passing by them.

The sun was shining above the city, causing Lenalee to slightly squint at the bright light. They walked down the street, and Lenalee took in the lively atmosphere. She hadn't been in this city since years ago, when she was younger. It didn't bring back many memories, as it had been a quick trip. Shops lined the way with a moderate amount of people on the streets. Lenalee thought it was time to stop and concentrate on her job. She browsed through the paper in her hands more closely this time, also giving the Exorcist next to her a view of the information. "It seems that there have been sights of Akuma around this city, and a fair amount of them. They've been seen in more remote and isolated areas listed here, such as abandoned warehouses and empty lots. We'll just have to get rid of them before they do any serious damage. Where do you want to start?"
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PostSubject: Re: Hunt in Berlin (Sasuke)   Sun May 08, 2011 2:40 am

Sasuke followed her on her command as she led him to the exit, the station seemed so crowded it annoyed Sasuke, aside from his rather unbecoming front he is a rather calm person and enjoys simple and quiet things. He followed her through the exit as the two walked out into the bright sunlight of the city, Sasuke winced as the sudden intensity of the light temporarily blinded him, he was use to cold damn places similar to that of a snakes home. As Sasuke walked, the tip of his Chokuto was visible from out of the bottom of his long black cloak that flapped a bit in the gentle breeze. He caught up to her walking beside her looking left and right and looking at her every few moment, he was a rather socially awkward person at times, he held a deep wound in his heart that few could understand and that restricted him from being normal most of the time. "It doesn't matter to me where we start, I live to destroy the filth that call themselves Akuma, this town seems nice I suppose, maybe ill see what its like at night so we should hurry up and finish our job so we can enjoy at least one day." Sasuke said in a dry tone although he was making an effort to be friendly.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunt in Berlin (Sasuke)   Sun May 08, 2011 8:03 pm

Lenalee looked to her partner while he replied with something of an aloof manner, she tried not to bothered by it thought and it worked out someway or another. He didn't seem like a bad person. She silently agreed with him, it would be nice to finish this quickly so they could have a day to spend here. To do that, they would have to kill the Akuma as soon as possible. Her voice lowered a bit, but it still remained as her light tone, not enough for a normal person to notice it. Her expression remained neutral. "Exorcists are here to destroy Akuma, huh?" The question was a statement, not meant to be answered.

"Well then, lets start checking out some of these areas for them. There's a place close to here." As the two continued walking, the place noticeably got quieter. The station was one of the busiest places, after all. There would be more people over there. Lenalee was deciding whether to make small talk with Sasuke, looking at him occasionally in reserved curiosity and slight indecisiveness. Her mouth kept silent after that, though.

Their destination was less livelier than where they were now, one of the more dangerous and desolate areas, more suspicious than others. It was a good chance for an attack, but it wasn't positive that Akuma were there. Still, they had to be on alert. Any one of these people in the city could be Akuma in disguise, waiting for the right moment to attack them.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunt in Berlin (Sasuke)   

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Hunt in Berlin (Sasuke)
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