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Hey everyone, we're returning! All members who come back from before the site died are allowed to update their character sheets, or make a new character starting as a level two!
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PostSubject: Garet Akimoto   Garet Akimoto I_icon_minitimeTue May 03, 2011 9:31 am


Basic Information
Name: Garet Akimoto
--Nickname: N/A
---Special Title: Magician/research finder
Age: 27
Weight: 184
Height: 6’2”

Loyalty: Himself
Birth-date: May 22nd
Place of Birth: Egypt
Place of Living: Black Order Chinese branch

Up front Garet is kind, a bit clumsy, slightly arrogant but cheerful, people who first meet him will quickly note that he seems to be somewhat tactless in conversation. He comes off as a gentle spirit who cares greatly for those around him. However, in truth Garet is a mixture of what he wishes to be and what he is. Though for the most part he maintains his carefree demeanor the careful eye will notice his gaze is more inquiring then that. He tends lurk around when important meetings occur, and of course if one truly watched him they’d notice he was magician.

He believes in respect of all things, but also that only the strong survive and that he intends to do. At his very base core Garet wishes to live to see and know everything he can and to gain the power necessary to accomplish these goals. However, Garet has a soft spot for children he sees them as the innocence that has disappeared in this age of demons and war. For this reason despite his sometimes-heartless actions and deceivingly goofy façade he is at his deepest core a good person even if he believes he is not.

Garet also has great respect for his ancestors and as a result of his upbringing will do anything in his power to assure that their wish is fulfilled. Unfortunately this means he must sometimes do things he feels to be wrong and immoral in the name of a cause believes to be just. He is often torn between the wishes of his elders and the kindness that is truly in his heart. However he is also sometimes afraid about how fascinated he is with incredible power how he might wield it or what it might do to him.

Aside from his love of magic he also has many other passions and interest, like engineering, chemistry, and Akuma. He personally believes the order will probably lose this war because they fail to appreciate the ingenuity of the akuma, yes they are horrible but at the same time they are efficient self evolving killing machines, whose prey is it’s very power source, the Order will lose because they fail to respect akuma instead of just hating them.

Garet is also really attached to his hats; no one else can touch them and he very rarely is seen without them. He has the same striped hat in several colors, green, grey, orange, pink ect… He normally dresses in a black suit flip-flops/sandals and a brightly colored hat. Garet considers himself to be avant-garde in the fashion world and soon all will see how awesome his look is.

Along with his obsession with hats and suits Garet is also slightly obsessed with himself, definitely a bit of a narcissist he is the perfect example of self described ‘devilishly good looks’.

With blond hair and brown eyes Garet, has an oval shaped face which may even be described as fox like and a lanky but muscular body type. (see signature for picture)

Weapon Information Hidden cane sword
Weapon Type: Runed blade
Weapon Appearance: A sword hidden in a cane
Weapon Abilities: The blade is forged of refolded steel imbued with runes drawn in Garet’s blood it has three unique abilities one from each class of command rune that Garet controls, like Garet’s magic the blade can kill Akuma but not save their souls:

Form rune: Build into the length of the blade the form rune allows Garet to extend the blade straight or in right angles to itself, however doing so also thins the metal thus it can only extend by 50% or it would shatter completely on contact.

Energy rune: inscribed into the tip of the blade is the rune created by Garet’s ancestor giving it the ability to increase the energy of the air in front of the tip creating a low pressure vortex which condenses into a fire ball about the size of baseball, it can be fired at a range of up to 20 feet

Sense rune: Inscribed into the handle by rubbing his thumb halfway down the length of the handle Garet can create a half sphere of magical energy which can block an attack, the sphere can be up to six feet in diameter but only lasts for 1 second and can only be used once per post.

Abilities Information
Skills Class: Rune Magician
Garet can inscribe commands on to any inorganic material, any command he writes must be followed thus if he wrote explode on paper it would explode, commands are written by running his finger over the surface of the object as if he was writing the symbol. While the actual command must be specifically written the activation of the command can be done telepathically from a distance, his spells can last from years to seconds depending on the strength. While his maximum standard spell length is short running out after a maximum of 2 hours or so, any spell written in his blood can be permanently applied activated and deactivated as long as he lives, if Garet dies or is knocked unconscious all of his spells are deactivated. Currently Garet knows three classes of commands:

Form runes:
Runes commanding an object to change form an example would be telling a wall to become a door, or ground to become spikes. However form magic is highly precise and thus in order to work exact measurements must be given when forming the object, these measurements must be written into the very character/symbol of the rune.

Energy runes:
The simplest form of runes magic, energy runes tell objects to change there energy states thus they can be commanded to become liquid or solid, or explode. For energy runes less specific details can be given so long as the use does not have to be precise, ie. he can command a stone to explode and then detonate it with little writing needed, or he can command the stone to fire up into the sky by exploding only in one area then completely exploding which would require more time.

Sense Runes:
The most complex form of rune magic he knows, sense runes can be used to create proximity spells, which activate a different class of spell upon sensing something, or they can be used to form barriers. Sense runes are extremely complex and nearly impossible to set up without complete concentration. Examples of sense runes are runes that activate a form rune sealing a passage behind a wall when someone besides Garet is within it’s proximity, or a rune that creates a magical barrier in response to physical stimulus such as the handle on his cane sword. Sense runes are always imbued on top of another rune and must be drawn without breaking the form of the previous rune.

Three jewel pendant (see history)- A gold pendant that looks like a pocket watch however when opened it just has three jewels suspended in gold rather then a watch face. The jewels are:
The red akuma ruby- a ruby inscribed with a sense rune placed over an energy rune it glows red in the presence of akuma. (20 yard radius)

The green innocence emerald- an emerald inscribed with a sense rune placed over an energy rune it glows green in the presence of innocence. (10 yard radius)

Onyx gem of the devourer- A black gem which can suck in the energy of dying akuma or innocence, 10% of this energy goes to Garet the rest is taken by the jewel. The pendant must be open and within five feet of the akuma or innocence when it is destroyed.

Exploding cards:
52 playing cards with weighed edges filled with small metal shards, inscribed in blood mixed with ink over the cards are exploding force runes. These can be used like grenades doing more damage with the shrapnel then the explosion.

Smoke bombs:
Home made explosives, which create a cloud of thick black smoke Garet caries three of them on him at all times to ensure he can make a clean get away.

Background and Roleplay Information

Garet was born on May 22nd at noon, due to complications during the birthing process, Garets mother died in labor. His father destroyed by the loss of the only woman he ever loved turned to the bottle, and through bars, gambling, and drugs he faded away into obscurity, by the time Garet was three years old. Thus, it was left to Garets grandfather to raise the young boy. Garets grandfather was a superstitious old man who was the keeper of the village shrine. During his youth Garet grew up on the tales of his ancestral tribe the Akimoto rune magicians, a once powerful clan of magic users who had protected this land for hundreds of years.

As a boy Garet excelled in school, had many friends, and an overconfident attitude to match. However late in primary school, young Garet then a mere 9 years old was confronted with his first akuma. The floating ball loomed over his school after lessons were done, and swung into rampage towards the young students. However, as the first bullet was shot it met an expected result slamming into a giant barrier protecting the school. Garet’s grandfather appeared the cane, which he walked with revealing a hidden sword with which the old man fired a massive fireball out of destroying the akuma in one blow.

That night Garet learned the truth about akuma, about the earl, about the black order, and about his own family. It seemed his family was once a group of magicians who worshipped the god of runes name Elseria, though they knew of the war between Excorcists and Akuma they vowed neutrality wanting only to protect their town. However soon they became greedy they desired more power, the strength of a god, in their arrogance they performed a forbidden ritual trapping the very source of their power within what they though to be unbreakable runes. However, their god was in fact a powerful immortal magician and she eventually destroyed the barrier. However the cost to her was great and in the end she was left withered and covered in the blood of her followers.

In her anger at their betrayal she cursed the Akimoto family to never find eternal rest, instead to wonder purgatory forever never accepted in the hereafter. However she was also merciful, so she created a magic pendent with three jewels on it; Two to find sources of good and evil energy, and one to consume them. She then said the souls of the Akimoto family would be released when the black jewel was filled and broken. Years past and the legend faded into obscurity for most of the family, however those who lived at the shrine knew the truth and practiced magic.

Knowing now that his grandson would never be able to find freedom from the world of magic, Garets grandfather began to teach him rune magic. As the years passed Garet became the envy of all the local parents, strong, smart, loyal, and respectful. Time continued and Garet proved himself to be an excellent magician and apprentice. When the day came that Garet turned eighteen he moved to Spain where he continued his studies to become an engineer, as well as hunted Akuma and Excorcists alike to help free the souls of his ancestors.

Years past and Garet returned home having graduated with honors. However his grandfather was now old and dying, with his last breath he told Garet to find and join the Black order there he could find the strongest innocence and akuma alike, thus he could use that energy to end the curse upon his family and free his ancestors souls. Handing his grandson the ancestral weapon of his clan, the rune blade cane he drifted from this life. It took Garet almost a year to get his affairs in order but he never forgot his promise, he quickly made his way traveling through Asia and training constantly his magic, his body, and of course his mind.

Two years later in a small village outside Beijing Garet discovered a finder on his way back to the Chinese branch headquarters. Accepted into the clergyman research-training academy, Garet excelled his products sometimes seemed almost magical in their efficiency, sometimes because they actually were. Now years later he has graduated and become a full member of the black order. Temporarily assigned to the Chinese branch headquarters in the wake of the Akuma attack he now looks for his path both as a finder researcher of the black order and an Akimoto Magician.

Roleplay Sample:

Garet stood alone atop the tower below him Akuma, Excorcists, Magicians. Each stood for their own reason, each worshipping him for a different accomplishment yet all united under his power. The wind danced through his blond hair skirting past his bright green and white hat, his porcelain smile shined from atop his perch causing the woman in the crowd to swoon from his devilish good looks. Could he blame them? Of course not after all he was Garet the man who had single handedly taken down the noah clan, and the generals of the black order. “yes his very presence filled his enemies with fear, his allies with hope, and women line up by the thousands just for the chance to touch him.

He raised one hand activating the gigantic form rune, which he had drawn on the ground raising forth the largest and most beautifully designed castle of all time. The crowd cheered his amazing triumph and he could hear them chant “GARET! GARET! GARET! GARET!” He smiled and with slightest raise of his hand a hush came across the world. Even the wild beasts of the forest paused for Garet was soon to speak. “Fellow citizens of Garetopia BZZZZZZZ…” He paused for moment stunned by the impudence of the strange noise, even the very winds had stopped for his speech. Glancing around at the millions of eager faces, their gleaming pupils filled with wonder, dying for his next words. “I…. BZZZZ” ‘What was that?’ He once more surveyed the hundreds of adoring fans below, some even wearing the same black suit, flip flops, and bright hat as him. “I raise this… Castle Garet, a shining homage to all my acomplishme… BZZZZ”

BZZZZ… BZZZZ…. BZZZZ… Garet slowly opened his eyes, wiping the sticky goop that had accumulated over the night. He blinked his eyes and then snapped them shut desperate to reclaim that dream where he had…. ’Damn what was it again’, with a dissatisfied sigh he slowly rose from the bed looked around at his quarters, a small stone room with little luxury near the lab. Looking at the wall he willed it to open, the wall peeled back revealing a bookshelf of magic tomes and novels as well as a full shelf of brightly colored hats. Taking a nice pink one from the counter he willed the wall to close once more, nothing happened. With a frown he went towards the edge concentrating runes began to glow around the edge of the magic cupboard, his eyes scanned them sleepily looking for the mistake, after a moment two he spotted it, a small misshaped line from when he put the sensor rune atop the form rune. With a stroke of his hand he erased the rune and began to slowly rewrite it, speaking aloud as he did. “6 feet in height, 3 feet in width, one and a half feet in depth. Opens on command, closes automatically if any member of the black order touches the front door…. Finished”

Heading back to his bed he picked up the rest of his suit and slowly got dressed turning towards the front door to his quarters he slid his feet into a pair of bright red flip-flops and walked out into the dim lit corridor. For now he would lay still, quiet, waiting for the opportunity to present itself… whatever that opportunity may be.

“Ready or not here I come”
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PostSubject: Re: Garet Akimoto   Garet Akimoto I_icon_minitimeTue May 03, 2011 5:56 pm

APPROVED! Would you consider yourself to be a clergyman or a finder?


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