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Hey everyone, we're returning! All members who come back from before the site died are allowed to update their character sheets, or make a new character starting as a level two!
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 Ring of Clara

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Character Information

PostSubject: Ring of Clara   Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:53 pm

Weapon Name: Ring of Clara
Owner of Weapon: Aemi Stronghold
Type: Equipment
Closed Appearance :


Abilities: Graze of Clara: When in level one, her weapon appears as a set of metal claws. She wipes her free fingers across the blades and they will then glow and she will slash at her victim, causing incisions that burn at the skin.

Heavenly Rays: Energy focuses in the palm of Aemi’s hand where the metal claws are. It will then send out a beam of energy toward her opponent. It is strong enough to burn through flesh and weaker materials like wood. If it hits metal, it will backfire.

Venom of Bereavement: The innocence travels throughout the claws of her weapon and creates a reaction of “poison” to it. If she cuts anyone at their flesh, it will create a burning wound. If it is not cleansed with water within 10 minutes, it will continue into the deeper layers of skin until it eats away at the muscle, deteriorating the body. If you wait 10 minutes before curing it, the only other option is to find sacred water from within an oasis found in Turkey. The venom will fully kill someone in a week’s time.

Special Attack/Final Blow: Aemi's special ability is "Clara Karite". This attack allows her to hold back all of her power and black energy will form in her palm. She then will force the power out and it is rather destructive.


Abilities: Inner Thief: With level two, her arm is incased by a metal armor with metal claws at the end of it. Her innocence will create a “burning aura” around her hand so that she can cut through your skin and grab an internal organ and pull it out. This is commonly used to pull through the soul of an Akuma.

External Diffusion: Aemi pours the innocence from the armor of her arm out into the open area, creating a “crushing” aura that makes the area difficult to breathe in. This as well makes it hard on Aemi, so she rarely uses this unless she has full stamina.

Heavenly Destroyer: A much larger beam of light is created, which can now cut through flesh, soft materials, and metals. It is deflected by glass.

Special Attack/Final Blow: Aemi's hand claws now transform into an armor that engulfs her entire arm up to her shoulder. This allows the innocence to travel more fluently and focus itself for a final attack of intense heat.


Appearance: Her arm stays the same with its armor, but the claws are now longer and there is a small bullet hole in the palm of her hand.
Abilities: Gatling Grudge: Small bullets of pure, burning energy are shot from the palm of Aemi’s level three hand. These bullets go at an intense speed, but not quite as fast as the speed of light. They will surpass the speed the human eye can see and can cut through all materials except for metal, which it just sinks itself into.

Clara’s Demise: The claws extend out and will grab onto the victim, burning them with the touch of the claws to their skin as the gatling gun in the palm of her hand starts to shoot rapidly toward the victims heart.

Osmosis: Aemi will puncture the victim with her claws as her energy begins to pour itself into their body through the claws, burning at their skin and causing excruciating pain. For level 1 and 2 Akuma, this causes them to burst when enough energy is put in.

Illusionist Contract: Aemi allows herself to travel at an extreme speed, but it will fatigue her immensely at the end of each battle she progresses into, usually resulting in being hospitalized.

Clara’s Agreement: This will create a large explosion with a 500 feet radius that will vaporize anything in its path. Unfortunately for Aemi, this causes extreme burns along her arm with the weapon and knocks her unconscious. She must be hospitalized immediately after using this.

Special Attack/Final Blow: Heavenly Vaporizer of Clara: An attack that releases heavy amounts of pure innocence toward the opponent--if it were to hit them it would obliterate them quickly, with the blink of an eye. Because this is such a powerful attack, it creates major drawbacks for Aemi.

Critical Point Breaker:
Her armor from level three transforms into a gatling gun with pure innocence bullets that will blast as far as 1,000 feet if fully powered.

Special form: The Phoenix Siren: Aemi's eyes invert where she has white pupils and black eyeballs. Her hair turns white and her outfit consists of a white cloak and a black bird mask. Her arms are engulfed by silver armor with gatling guns at the end of them.
Weakness of Technique: Using this technique will cause Aemi to face critical conditions after use. It is highly likely that upon using this, she must be hospitalized afterward.
Picture of Special Form:


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Ring of Clara
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