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Basic Information
Name: Kaelos Sansaku
--Nickname: Kae, Blood Siren
---Special Title: Exorcist
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Weight: 130 lbs
Height: 5'6"

Loyalty: The Black Order
Birth-date: July 24th
Place of Birth: Unknown
Place of Living: European Branch of The Black Order
Black Order Branch: European

She hates when she isn't in control of whatever she's doing at that moment. She also refuses to be under anyone's rule and hates when people think that she is. She is portrayed as a headstrong, independent, sarcastic, well-mannered girl. If she is challenged or if placed in an uncomfortable position she will speak it. She can sometimes come off as cocky when her abilities are challenged, and she is not afraid to enter a fight if she knows she can handle it. Kaelos’ temper is displayed silently; therefore, when she is mad, it will often be kept in a hushed tone. She can be rather disrespectful and demanding when she wants to be and tends to push people away not wishing for people to get close to her. While she can be very strong willed and stubborn like her father, yet she also has a sweet loving and innocent side of her. She is very open but wise beyond her years. Kaelos is very adventurous and likes to rebel. If she is told something she will most likely do the opposite unless she is given really good reasons as to why she cannot do that thing. Sometimes she can be quite a handful but she knows when to stop. She is very determined to learn everything that is put before her and she doesn’t stop until she learns it. She is also very open-minded to a lot of new ideas. She is a very loyal woman to those that she lets close to her. She is a rather prideful person. She backs down from no one and enjoys playing mind games with people even through battle. Kaelos is also a person never to back down unless there is no logical choice. She can plan and think her way through her fighting which makes her very dangerous. She holds an air of importance and command wherever she goes; with family and friends she could turn out to be quite playful and lovable. She enjoys taunting others and leaving them thinking.

Blood Siren is a form of Kaelos that is considered to be her most dangerous form and has existed ever since she was born. One could say that Blood Siren is the most deadly form of Kaelos and also her coldest. As Blood Solstice, Kaelos is rather cold and sadistic towards anyone she meets. She could care less of what your status is or who you are. Her only goal in life is to get whatever she has set on her mind done and she takes her goals very seriously. If she wants to kill someone consider yourself her number one target for the day. Upon all of this being said, Blood Siren finds excitement in torturing others beyond their wildest dreams. She will take in tactics that no other being has done before in order to get her entertainment. Killing is also something that she takes a high interest upon, so consider yourself lucky if you’re just tortured – she just might find a way to kill you in a whole new form of manner if she truly hates your guts. Blood Solstice is also a rather calm person at first glance. She has the patience for people that Kaelos seemed to fail to have. It takes a whole lot of talent in order to get her mad, for she will normally shrug it off if she finds it pointless. Blood Siren is also rather less talkative than Kaelos is. Chances are you will hardly see her talk more than ten sentences of talking (even ten is a lot for her). Blood Siren also seems to have a strong hatred towards children, romance, and family members in this form. She could care less about family or any of these things as she finds it senseless. One could say that she is the exact opposite of Kaelos and to describe her all in one word one could say that she is simply psychotic. When she has her mind set on something, she will go as far as trying to kill her own family members if they interfere with no remorse.

Kaelos' body is quite a knock out, with curves in just the right places. Her body frame is quite busty, but she also has long long legs that seems like they can go on forever. Her bust seems to be a size D cup. Her skin is sun-kissed, thanks from all of the time she has spent outside rather then inside like most people. Her eyes are a medium to dark shade of purple, they also seem to have a bit of light purple coloring within her eyes as well. Her hair is deep red, almost a blood red color hue to it, as it goes all the way down pass the curve of her smooth rounded ass. Her hair is wavy like the sea and just as wild. She always is seen with her hair up into a ponytail with a bat-designed hair clip keeping her hair up and off of her neck slightly. Her hair frames her face just perfectly and the bangs are mainly on the left side of her face, but not long enough to block her view of anything. Even her nails are the same deep red color. There is a black marking that is found on her lower back right above the curve of her ass. The marking is that of a black rose. Around said black rose marking, is red marks that closely resembles the look of blood spatter. It’s a sign of her darker personality so to speak.

The best way to describe her clothing that she usually wears is a one-piece dress so to speak. The dress is mainly black, but it does have silver details and designs upon it, while the inside of the dress is a medium tone of red that is not quite as dark as her hair but more like a red wine. Her clothing is almost like a second skin on her, as she is the kind of woman that likes to show her curves off as she's quite proud of them. The bottom of her dress is split into four panels that reach up to the area on her body where her waist starts to become the upper part of her hips. In between each panel are a couple of belt-like loops that keeps the dress together and easy for her to move about in, even so far as to do acrobatic movements such as flips and whatnot without a problem. Under the dress, she only wears a white tong and nothing else, as she hates the feeling of bras squeezing her generous chest to the point that it was quite uncomfortable for her to breathe. On her feet, she wears a pair of black high heeled boots with silver loops at the front of them. She also wears a short black glove that goes to her wrist on her left hand while a long black glove that goes up to the middle of her upper arm is seen to be on her right arm. Also on her left arm is an black armlet. The bodice of her dress shows quite a bit of cleavage, as it not only pushes her breasts together but up as well. The top of the bodice goes around her throat much like a choker would.

Anti-Akuma Weapon Information
Weapon Type: Celtic Bell Choker
Weapon Class: Equipment
Weapon Appearance:
Weapon Abilities: See Chain Of Resonance
Innocence Location: Celtic Bell Choker

Background and Roleplay Information

Born as the daughter of Ikuhara and Kalma Sansaku, Kaelos at one point in time was the exact opposite of what she is today. She was once obedient, respectful, only spoke unless spoken to, and it seemed she also obtained the common curiosity trait for Sansaku’s. It wasn’t until her mother asked her to perform a private performance in front of her where her decorum decreased. After Kalma ordered Kaelos to stop the performance, Kalma told Kaelos that she was no longer to use her abilities. This greatly angered Kaelos and therefore caused her to despise her mother completely. The two of them would no longer speak to one another and if they did it would most likely end up in a squabble.

However, thing’s would begin to change for Kaelos as war struck on her mother and father’s wedding day. At that time Kaelos was 10 years old. Due to her lack of teachings from her parents on her abilities, Kaelos was hardly capable of aiding her parents when they were attacked. It was then where she decided to flee and head to the forest for cover from the attackers that were attacking her parents. Eventually, she gathered up her courage and went out of the forest to a neighboring village in search for help. Although she begged for assistance it would go ignored and this greatly angered Kaelos. Having sensed the battle from afar, Kaelos sensed her mother’s death but was unaware of what happened with her father. He is considered dead for as far as she knows, making her become an orphan and grow up on her own.

As she got older and more to the woman she is now, she started to learn and master the different forms of martial arts in the home village she returned to. Though one day while she was out exploring the area, she was captured by a crew of Akumas that have been hiding within the forest. Let's just say that they tortured her to the point that it brought out her more dangerous and psycho side of her that she hasn't fully controlled. The Akumas died that day to her hands along with the chain whip she stolen from the first two Akumas she had to fight against in order to keep herself alive. She escaped and went back to the village, but she never spoke of what has happened to her to anyone as she was seen as an outcast. Telling others about what she has done will not only make her look like a psycho murderer but they wouldn’t believe her anyways and claim that she was merely telling a story just to scare others. Since then, she has been traveling on her own to other areas.

One day, she has come across a General from an organization known as The Black Order. The female General told her that she was an Exocerist and that the chain whip she stole from the Akumas were a Innocence they were about to take to the Noah. The General spoke about how The Black Order could teach the young Kaelos to become more in tune with the Innocence that has responded to her and allowed her to even kill off the Akuma. Kaelos accepted and as years passed, she quickly moved up the ranks to where she is now.

Roleplay Sample:

Kaelos smirked and licked her lips as if she was anticipating the five men as they walked towards her. Her eyes flashed a bit with amusement more then anything. These men believed that they could easily over take her. Well, they were about to learn a hard lesson that’ll cost them their lives, souls, and blood. But before she could respond with a comeback, Advocat had already pulled out the male’s heart and dropped it to the floor before he crushed it under his foot as if it was a insect then a organ. Usually, she would be pissed that someone else got her souls and kills, but she actually wanted to see what Advocat could do. She simply watched him kill the other four men before she walked towards him as he gathered up the five new souls.

“Meh. It’s just five souls, besides there’s plenty to share here in this village. Besides, that’s not the worst that I have been called by the humans.” She said as she shrugged her shoulders. She was used to the different terms that would usually hurt a woman’s feelings. She flicked out a finger and got a bit of blood off from his clothes before she licked her finger clean. She shook her head some. “Besides their blood doesn’t fit my personal taste, you saved me from having a bad taste in my mouth.” She snickered as she then looked around the area for the next group so she could have some fun as well.

It didn’t take her long to spot the next group of people that were still in a midst of battle. It was basically four men fighting over what appeared to be a bag of goods. Each man was bleeding and had wounds but were too stubborn to let the bag go to really kill each other. She smirked as she made her way towards them, her hips naturally swinging side to side in a sexy rhythm. “Silly men…” Was all she said before she smirked and got up close to one of the males. Her whole body now took on a form that appeared to be martial-arts based. With only her fingers and nails, she started to slam them into the first male’s body with swiftness that even with enhanced vision, it would look like a blur. She used her fingers to latch onto the vein in the male’s arm that was closest to her and literally pulled it out of his body. As blood was gushing out from the torn muscle in the arm around her fingers, she aimed the ripped out vein towards her mouth so no blood got on her clothes. Before the other three males could react, she did the same to them but each from a different body part. The second’s vein was pulled from his upper thigh. The third from his neck. And the last male had his ripped out from the upper back region near the spine area. She licked her fingers and nails clean as she gathered the four new souls. “Mmm, their blood tasted much better.”


Kaelos turned her head some as she knew that Advocat watched her skills, but what surprised her some was that he was clapping in approval. Many would find that technique she just used barbaric and just view her as a monster. But then again, he was a Demon just as much as she is and he seemed to have some things in common with her so far. She raised a brow as she finished licking the blood off her fingers and nails, leaving them completely clean as if she didn’t just kill seconds before in a most gruesome and bloody way. She was interested in Advocat’s true form and so just nodded as she silently watched him change form as she heard the screams of the souls he had devoured in the past.

Kaelos smirked as she finally saw the true form of Advocat. She snickered as she watched the souls try to get away from Advocat but to no avail as they just screamed and screamed. “Heh, your true form suits you very well and I know what you mean.” She said as she simply watched Advocat look over at a crowd and sent a large cloud over to them that killed them all one by one. “Suppose I can show you my true form as well, only fair.” She shrugged her shoulders before she lengthened her vampiric fangs as she bit into her own wrists, causing her blood to come out but instead of it being red in color it was completely black.

As her black blood escaped from her wrists, it started to move as if it was alive up her arms to create gauntlets that also went down to cover her fingertips so that now she had claws. As this was all happening her clothes she was wearing at the moment changed to a black color and moved around on her body. Her upper body was mostly bare, her armor of sorts covering the important part of her breasts as well as around her neck and shoulders to her whole back. Her bottoms changed into a dress of sorts that was open at the front that bared her legs and thighs but kept her most private part concealed and protected as the sides and back of her bottom half was. Also in this transformation, her boots changed to what looks like armor plated hoofs that might belong to a horse. From her backs and side came a couple of hooks on each side with barbs. The upper portion of her gauntlets also had a couple of hooks as well. Her hair was much longer, her ears were now pointed much like an elf’s would, and from her head sprouted two horns that had a trio of spikes on each side protrude outwards as it curved slightly. This was her true form, Blood Solstice. Now…not only did her clothes and personal looks change, but as did her personality.

Her eyes, now a shade of red that was almost considered black, looked over to Advocat silently. Her eyes were completely cold had a hint of sadism mixed in with psychotic trends. She stayed silent, almost fully mute, as she simply turned her head to see another large group of people that numbered at least a dozen or so. It looked as if it was a small war going on. She narrowed her eyes in pure disgust and hate as she spotted the little girl from earlier within that large group, being protected by someone else. “Sickens me…” Her words were barely there as she started to move towards the group. As she walked, she raised up one of her hands and snapped her fingers. The bodies of the four men she has killed and drank blood from as well as took their souls from seconds ago raised up and followed right after her, a red tint within their dead eyes. She was using them as a Familiar of sorts, pumping some of her power into them to make them do what she pleases. She pointed to the group silently, making sure to not include the little girl as she wanted to deal with the child personally, before the four bodies moved to attack and kill the group.

The poor girl that she wanted to herself was crying and in shock from all of this and didn’t see the one who would kill her come closer. Kaelos , or rather Blood Solstice, gathered up the souls of the now dead group that her puppets have ripped apart. She glared at the child and started to mess with the child’s blood within her body. First, she made the child’s heart rate increase by speeding up the blood flow causing more oxygenated blood to be produced. Next she picked up the child with one hand around the child’s neck, the tips of her claws digging into the child’s neck and causing wounds. With her other hand, she used her claws to rake the child disfiguring her completely. Now of what she’s about to do finally is the reason of why she is called Blood Solstice. When she was satisfied with the number of wounds on the child, she stopped and just stared at the child as she was concentrating on making the oxygenated blood release their oxygen into the wounds she just now dealt to the child. As she did that, she ignited the electrolytes within the blood which caused the girl’s body to effectively burn from the inside out as the child screamed in dying agony. It didn’t take long for the child to die and when she did, Blood Solstice flexed her grip and crushed the burnt bones inside of the body to ashes, leaving the girl just a sac of flesh with ashes within her. She dropped the girl’s body with no emotion, but as she retrieved the soul a smile graced her lips.


The smile on Blood Solstice’s lips started to disappear as she heard the soft chuckle that came from her audience at the time. Mephistopheles. As the male Demon spoke to her about the form she was currently in, her head slowly started to turn to the side so he could see half of her face. From the corner of one of her eyes, she silently watched him. It didn’t take long for her eyes to narrow as Blood Solstice is a loner and essentially hates anything to do with others. She stayed silent as she watched him turn to go back into the inn where the slowly dying priest was staked up to one of the walls. She turned her body as she too moved to go back into the inn. As she watched him kill and gather up five more souls of the disgusting humans, she narrowed her eyes even more as she her bloodlust was starting to rapidly rise. She wanted to kill more, to feast more on their blood tainted with sins, to take in their precious souls that would make her even more powerful then what she already is currently. As she looked around the village somewhat, she was scanning for blood that was still flowing within a living body as well as living souls. A smile came to her lips as she sensed the souls of the now orphaned children of the villagers. They were all huddled up within one of the small buildings that can be considered as a shed, their minds scarred for life on what they all had just witnessed. With a snap of her fingers, she sent the four men she had used previously as her Familiars over to surround the shed. The children were going to be her last meal from this village.

When she was satisfied, she continued to move into the inn just in time to silently watch Mephistopheles reach out and lift the priest’s chin. As he spoke to the priest, she stayed silent as she moved a bit closer, the smile from minutes before growing slightly. She watched as the souls from his form reached out and started to not only attack the priest but eat him as well for all he’s worth. A small, barely there, snicker came from her lips as she found the sight before her amusing. When the show of sorts was over, she moved to the wall of where only mere stains of blood showed where the priest has been. She bent her body over some as she licked up some of the blood. When she was done, she straightened her posture as she then turned and walked out of the inn making her way to where she had her own final meal waiting for her.

As she walked out, she made her way to a shed that was covered with blood and dead bodies from the villagers who were already dead and had heir souls taken away by either herself or Mephistopheles. She waved the four male Familiars away as she opened the shed’s door and looked in to see about half a dozen of children crying and going crazed within. Her eyes narrowed, as children were one of the main things she has a tendency to hate with a passion. The reason why is unknown. As she moved within the shed, she opened her right hand as the blood from the surrounding area started to move towards her opened hand. The blood started to take shape into that of a scythe that was red and black in color and actually screamed as she took a hold of it. To make a long story short, she used the blood scythe on the children, gathering up their blood as well as their souls. When she was done, she got rid of her Familiars as she walked out of the shed that was now full with pieces of the children. It looked as if they were all in puzzle pieces.


[ Jingai Makyō, Ignis, Kaelos Sansaku ]
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You do look General worthy, and after a little time of Level 3 RPing, I may just promote you to General ^^


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