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February 2019

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 Enter the Headquaters

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PostSubject: Enter the Headquaters   Sun May 01, 2011 9:43 pm

Chakra was walking around in the seemingly quiet and darkened areas of the main halls far away from the ear piercing chatter and shouting of the exorcists and finder's in the nearby walkways and rooms as it seemed he was trying to escape people's notice, Once founding a quiet and peaceful area with no noise of other people other then his own breath and heartbeat he would lean over the balcony just staring down into the deep dark depths of the Headquarters, Chakra laughed slightly finding it funny that he was here for at least 10 years but then the smile slowly vanished as a dark aura like feel surrounded Chakra making the air around him dense but luckily it didn't last long as the air around him turned back to normal, Looking down at his right arm he would just stare at the pentacle on top of is mutated looking hand as if fixated on the shape itself instead of the arm altogether
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PostSubject: Re: Enter the Headquaters   Sun May 01, 2011 10:24 pm

Sasuke was leaned against the wall with his head down and his arms crossed so it was very hard to notice him in the dark corner especially with his black coat over top of him. He heard a noise as someone approached ,he raised his head ever so slightly as to see with one eye a person approaching him but it didn't seem like he had been seen. Sasuke let out a soft sigh as he ran a hand through his hair and moving a bit so as to become noticed, he looked at the boy with an annoyed face, "What are you doing in my spot......"
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PostSubject: Re: Enter the Headquaters   Sun May 01, 2011 10:43 pm

Chakra would look round in a blank yet surprised look upon his face at the random person who had just appeared out of nowhere, before Turning around to face the man Chakra would just stare for the moment pulling down his red long sleeves from his t-shirt hiding his hand finally turning round to face him showing his death like T-shirt and dark blue shirt which he would always keep unbuttoned, Black jeans with a spike pad wrapped around one of his knees, HEavy looking red and white boots that look they could do damage and Long black and red stripped hair which would cover his right eye and go down to his back
Analyzing him as best he could only seeing his face since being in the shadow he noted that he was the silent type which wasn't that hard to notice reallyI Don't see your name on it. Chakra said as his voice sounded unused but well mannered now awaiting a reply from the mysterious person
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PostSubject: Re: Enter the Headquaters   Tue May 03, 2011 8:22 pm

Garet walked along a cold dark street, the rain overhead poured down drenching his green and white pinstripe hat. The water slid along his blond hair and onto the already soaked jacket of his black suit. With a frown he plugged his way through the rain towards a thick steel door, his bright green flip-flops making a wrenching sucking noise with each step. The doors opened and he walked through entering the European branch of the Order. In the few short years he’d been with the order he’d never been to the newly constructed branch, nor met anyone there but he had sent a golem ahead of him to warn them of his arrival.

Walking into the cold stone structure he wiped his hat of his head ringing the cold rainwater from it before plopping back atop his matted hair. He was surprised to find the branch mostly empty probably still regrouping from it’s destruction which had happened about a year or so ago. Still it was a nice change of pace from the last few days walking alone through the rain and mud. Heading deeper into the structure he spotted two men engaged in some sort of conversation by the railing that overlooked the place where helveska was.

With a friendly smile he approached the two men his suit clinging to his wet body and his flip-flops still making that awful plunking noise.

“Hi Garet Akimoto from the Chinese branch how you doin?”
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PostSubject: Re: Enter the Headquaters   Tue May 03, 2011 8:53 pm

Upon looking at the mysterious man that had appeared from the shadow's telling Chakra not to stand there as it was "His" space, looking at him with painfully blank face, Chakra would have grown bored of waiting around for his reply even if he said it by now as he isn't the type to listen long enough to any situation, Turning around he stopped suddenly at the sound of wet flip-flops Patting around the stone ground that had been recently built along with the headquarter, a few feet away from them a man drenched his green and white pinstripe hat and a Drenched green Jacket.
Chakra Stared at the new person for a minute making out his movements and body language as he spoke to them both before zoning out slightly, his eyes went dull and lifeless without a soul seeing nothing inside them beside a dark empty pit of darkness which luckily didn't last for long as Chakra re awoke from his fiasco smiling happily then he was a few seconds ago he waved at the newcomer who had said he was from the Chinese branch "Hello there akimoto-San, Welcome to the European Headquarters, I'm Chakra he would say replying to garet who was standing infront of him a few feet away
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PostSubject: Re: Enter the Headquaters   Tue May 03, 2011 9:59 pm

Sasuke stood in his corner staring at the man who pressed on to get on his nerves, he told him that he didn't have his name on it. Sasuke's hand slowly slipped out of his coat and onto the hilt of his chokuto gripping it tightly but making no change in his facial expressions. Sasuke looked over instantly as the other man's footsteps came into earshot, watching the spot he would arrive in before he did so. He introduced himself to the both of them and Sasuke spoke in a low quiet voice, "My name...Is Sasuke Uchiha."
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PostSubject: Re: Enter the Headquaters   Wed May 04, 2011 7:46 am

Garet paused looking at both the men in front of him, the one to the right dropped into a blank expression before breaking into a happy smile while the one on the left seemed to be among what Garet had categorized as the gloomy person state, again he was amazed by the conversation skills of the type limited words and long pauses between them as if they were confused about what they had begun to say. The occurrence seemed to be linked to either one of two possibilities the end of a personal relationship or some sort of past trauma.

“Pleasure to meet you both, though I may have interrupted you in something important here, I mean Sasuke-chan over here seems about as chipper as a funeral… Did you break up with him Chakra-chan?”

Too most it would occur to them how utterly rude his statement was but to Garet it was just curiosity everything in life was a puzzle and no answers could be found without details. At the same time he wondered where his golem had been stored the small device had carried his message along with most of his personal belongings ahead of time to the headquarters and seemed to disappear along with the welcome party of beautiful women and hot food he had been slightly expecting. From his sleeve Garet impulsively grasped one of the smoke bombs he kept there for security purposes, a nervous habit of his when meting new people.
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PostSubject: Re: Enter the Headquaters   Fri May 06, 2011 1:04 pm

Chakra would smile at the man who was drenched like the ocean had fell upon him Just staring at the man before looking over at the other person that was looming among the night shadow as he would speak of his name "Sasuke Uchiha" Chakra looked at him thinking of what a interesting name to be given, pondering on this rubbing the sleeve of his right arm gently not making it lift up too high, he would turn round at the remark made by the mysterious newcomer and laugh slightly as the randomness of the question before brushing his finger's through his black and red stripped fringe which when moved slightly you could see that his right eye remained closed while his Left blood red eye was upon Akimoto before his fringe hid his left eye again then smiling
"No, I've only just noticed he was there but i'm guessing he is always like that"
He would just smile slightly at the side of his face as the question still laughing inside his unknown mind rubbing his arm again with his long sleeves just standing there nervously like he had never been around other people before
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PostSubject: Re: Enter the Headquaters   

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Enter the Headquaters
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