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Hey everyone, we're returning! All members who come back from before the site died are allowed to update their character sheets, or make a new character starting as a level two!
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PostSubject: Yoite   Yoite I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 28, 2011 10:55 pm


Basic Information
Alias: Yoite.
Gender: M.
Age: 17.
Weight: [x] 143 lbs
Height: 6'0"

Loyalty: Neutral.
Birth-date: [October] [1]
Place of Birth: England.
Place of Living: An old abandoned steel mill factory.

Personality: Yoite is a very unusual teen-age boy. Rather then hanging out with friends, which he doesn't have, he prefers to sit alone in the dark and simply reflect on things. He is very reserved and quiet, rarely speaking, even when addressed, and has the habit of ignoring people if he doesn't want to talk to them. When he does speak, it is evident that he is rather intelligent and complex, seeming to be driven by an unknown motif. This motif is his want to have never existed, and is what keeps him from killing himself. What sets him apart from all the other standard "emos" is that he truly does want to stop existing, and has never told anyone about this. The thing he is most terrified of, is getting close to people, and being cared for. He also has a big fear of physical contact, and has even killed before when touched.

Appearance: Yoite has short, jet-black hair that is slightly longer on the top then the sides. His eyes are ice blue, which give him a rather cold appearance. Typically, he wears a white t-shirt, and black dressing pants with a simple black belt around the waist. Over this, he wears a simple white fleece, turtle neck sweater and a black trench coat. To tie it all up, he also wears black shoes, a brownish orange cap, and a matching pair of gloves.

Background and Roleplay Information

History: Yoite was born of two young parents in their early twenties, under the name of Sora Kodo, both struggling to make ends meet. His birth only made things much worse for the two of them. Unlike most other children, Yoite was literally a mistake, unmeant to be born as a male. Both his parents had wanted a girl, so they had named him Sora. But, he was born a male and immediately disappointed and lost all the love of his parents.

They tried countless times to get rid of him, and even pretended as if they had forgotten him at the hospital. Unfortunately, the hospital took him and drove him back to his parents. Since they had no other option, they took him and decided they would try to cope with his existence, although both wished that he would simply die or disappear from their sights.

As he grew up, his parents both beat him on a daily basis, and went as far as to imprison him in the basement. He wasn't allowed contact with anyone, not even his half-brother Tsukasa. Since his parents had wanted a girl, they often shouted at him and told him to stop being a boy or die. This traumatized him greatly, and caused him great distress. It even forced him to become unaware of who he was, or what he was. What made it worse was that he was given only shirts and shorts for clothing, leaving him a bit sexually confused.

It wasn't long before he had turned 5 years old, and his family had finally grown tired of his existence. Late one night, the same night of his fifth birthday, they crept into the basement and beat him mercilessly. Stunned by this, Yoite simply took it and nearly fainted. He was dragged up stairs into the living room, and tossed into a dark room with nothing but a broken mirror. Still a bit dazed, he got up and looked into it, seeing his own reflection for the first time in his life. Before he could figure out was going on, his parents came back in and beat him once more, this time bashing him into the mirror.

After receiving a few small cuts, Yoite tried to crawl out of the room and made it as far as the living room. There, he was picked up and kicked by his brother. Unable to escape he laid there, whimpering to himself something inaudible, since he couldn't speak, and found that his mother was coming back with a kitchen knife. She picked him up by the collar then, and then slashed his neck in one swift motion.

Needless to say, Yoite came to the verge of dying, and watched as he was picked up and flung out of their third story apartment, and only the street. The impact knocked him out immediately, and left him incapable of fending for his life.

When he awakened, he was in a graveyard, lying on a small grassy hill with a dried up tree at the very peak of it. It was an awkward sight, but he didn't mind. His injuries had been healed, and he was wearing new clothes, something which confused him greatly. Before he could dare to look around, the Millennium Earl had appeared before him, and gave him the option of either becoming an Akuma, or his own minion. Since he was young and unaware of what either was, he chose the second and was taken under the Earl's wing.

For the next 5 years of his life, he was educated and taken care of, taught basic combat and studied, but it was evident that he was gifted. He surpassed all expectations, and was then given his first order. He was told to join the Bookman clan, and from there, learn all he could. Then, after his 17th birthday, he was to return to the Earl, and give him was within his heart.

This came as a rather big surprise, as he was unaware as to what it was he had, but left anyways. Upon joining the clan, he learned that he had innocence, and was given countless weapons to try to see if he could wield one. Oddly enough, he could wield two revolvers named: Triton, and Death Hawk.

After only a few days, he was named Yoite, and began to train as a bookman and an exorcist. Soon, he even found himself advancing to higher ranks and better positions between the other members. And as the years passed, he grew stronger and learned much more about the world around himself, along with his combat abilities.

On his seventeenth birthday, remembering what the Earl had said to him, he left and decided to travel on his own. For the time being, he had taken refuge at a factory, and chose to live alone, this way he could avoid being detected. Until one day, he was finally caught off guard, and forced into the European Exorcist branch, where they still don't know he is aligned with the Earl, and hopes that they will not reject him.

Roleplay Sample: e-e


Name: Yoite
Anime: Nabari No Ou

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PostSubject: Re: Yoite   Yoite I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 28, 2011 10:58 pm

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