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Hey everyone, we're returning! All members who come back from before the site died are allowed to update their character sheets, or make a new character starting as a level two!
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Aemi Stronghold
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Character Information

PostSubject: Aemi Stronghold   Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:13 pm


Basic Information
Name: Aemi Stronghold
--Nickname: Mimi (Only close friends are allowed to call her this!)
---Special Title: Critical Point Breaker
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Weight: 105 lbs
Height: 5'4"

Loyalty: The Black Order
Birth-date: December 6th
Place of Birth: Edo, Japan
Place of Living: The Black Order
Black Order Branch: European Branch

Personality:  Aemi is a silent, yet determined young girl. She appears to have an innocent face, yet she proves most who judge this wrong. She is very intelligent and chooses to often keep to herself. At a first glance, many would think that she’s on the silent side, but if she gets angry enough, she yells loudly. She often runs off on her own to find her own answers to her puzzle she must solve. When in combat, she is rather serious and talks as though she knows she's going to win. She acts like she is inferior to her opponent and never allows herself to lose.

She can be very open and caring to those who she knows well, but she chooses not to open herself up too much, because she hates talking of her past. She deeply sympathizes for new exorcists because many do not choose the fate they are given, so she tries to make every moment of their time in the order as painless as possible. She is seen as a gentle, mothering character who only wishes happiness of her loved ones before herself.

Since she always seems to be rude and emotionless to strangers, most people avoid her and try not to come close. To people who truly know her, she is kindhearted and easily shaken by traumatic memories that seem to cut deep anytime she thinks about them. She's an emotional wreck, and always finds herself to be in tears by the end of the night. When she isn't smiling to one of her friends, or putting on a straight face for a stranger, she is hopelessly depressed with herself, and feels she is less than a human.

Appearance: Aemi's apparel consists of a long sleeved Exorcist jacket that falls past her hips, but is tightened by a black belt. She wears black shorts and thigh high, black boots. She wears a necklace her brother gave her when she was very little with a golden cross and a purple gem. She also wears a black choker. She has long, black hair and bright blue eyes.

Strength: Average
Speed: Excellent
Stamina: Above Average
Innocence/Chi Synch: Excellent
Intelligence: Excellent

Anti-Akuma Weapon Information
Weapon Type: Ring Bracelet
Weapon Class: Equipment
Weapon Appearance:
Weapon Abilities:
Graze of Clara: When in level one, her weapon appears as a set of metal claws. She wipes her free fingers across the blades and they will then glow and she will slash at her victim, causing incisions that burn at the skin.

Heavenly Rays: Energy focuses in the palm of Aemi’s hand where the metal claws are. It will then send out a beam of energy toward her opponent. It is strong enough to burn through flesh and weaker materials like wood. If it hits metal, it will backfire.

Venom of Bereavement: The innocence travels throughout the claws of her weapon and creates a reaction of “poison” to it. If she cuts anyone at their flesh, it will create a burning wound. If it is not cleansed with water within 10 minutes, it will continue into the deeper layers of skin until it eats away at the muscle, deteriorating the body. If you wait 10 minutes before curing it, the only other option is to find sacred water from within an oasis found in Turkey. The venom will fully kill someone in a week’s time.

Inner Thief: With level two, her arm is incased by a metal armor with metal claws at the end of it. Her innocence will create a “burning aura” around her hand so that she can cut through your skin and grab an internal organ and pull it out. This is commonly used to pull through the soul of an Akuma.

External Diffusion: Aemi pours the innocence from the armor of her arm out into the open area, creating a “crushing” aura that makes the area difficult to breathe in. This as well makes it hard on Aemi, so she rarely uses this unless she has full stamina.

Heavenly Destroyer: A much larger beam of light is created, which can now cut through flesh, soft materials, and metals. It is deflected by glass.

Gatling Grudge: Small bullets of pure, burning energy are shot from the palm of Aemi’s level three hand. These bullets go at an intense speed, but not quite as fast as the speed of light. They will surpass the speed the human eye can see and can cut through all materials except for metal, which it just sinks itself into.

Clara’s Demise: The claws extend out and will grab onto the victim, burning them with the touch of the claws to their skin as the gatling gun in the palm of her hand starts to shoot rapidly toward the victims heart.

Osmosis: Aemi will puncture the victim with her claws as her energy begins to pour itself into their body through the claws, burning at their skin and causing excruciating pain. For level 1 and 2 Akuma, this causes them to burst when enough energy is put in.

Illusionist Contract: Aemi allows herself to travel at an extreme speed, but it will fatigue her immensely at the end of each battle she progresses into, usually resulting in being hospitalized.

Clara’s Agreement: This will create a large explosion with a 500 feet radius that will vaporize anything in its path. Unfortunately for Aemi, this causes extreme burns along her arm with the weapon and knocks her unconscious. She must be hospitalized immediately after using this.

Innocence Location: Within the Ring

Background and Roleplay Information

Aemi was born in Edo, Japan, the location of where the Dark Prophet's hideout is hidden. When her mother was still pregnant with her, her father, Giovanni Stronghold was run over by a train while he was chasing after Aemi's one year older brother, Claec. He had come from England in search for a new life and met Aemi's mother, Ayako only as a late teen.

Shocked from the death of her husband, Aemi's mother had been in denial of the night he had been buried. As she was crying, the Millennium Earl appeared before her and had a proposition for her. He very well knew she was pregnant, and understood that the baby would still be human. He also knew that this may come with strange powers in the future.

While arranging the revival of Aemi's deceased father, her mother seemed to not hesitate to go along. She greedily decided that his life was too important to loose, and quickly exclaimed his name to come back. Unfortunately, her body was then brutally taken over by him, and the baby was somehow unharmed. Only hours later, she would be in labor. Acting as though she was a normal human, she went through with the birth, but acted as though the child was a curse. She exclaimed that the child needed to be "dealt with and taken away forever". Aemi had never even known her mother, only because later that night, her mother went missing.

Aemi's mother had as well left behind her son, Claec, and they were both adopted by an elder living in the town, named Nagi. Aemi used to get made fun of a lot because Nagi would tell her that some flowers had magical properties if you looked at them closely. She used to pick as many flowers as she could, especially the lotus flowers near the ponds. She'd then claim they were magic and keeping her safe from harm. Her brother tried to explain to her that it was just superstition, but she refused to listen.

When she was 4 years old, she went to her mother and father's gravestones. It was snowing heavily that day, so she was dressed in a heavy coat with thick, wool mittens. She ran her hand across the name of her mother and spoke it to herself quietly. That's when the Millennium Earl appeared in front of her for the first time. He asked her if she knew who she really was and explained that he himself was not an enemy of her. He said he was a wandering man in search of his followers and that her mother was a follower of him and that she was not dead, but that she hates her children. Aemi was upset about this and the Earl said that when she is older, he would love to see her seek revenge on them. He then warned her that her mother may seek her and her brother out later in life.

Exorcists had come into town that day, knowing that innocence was hiding here. While Claec and Aemi were playing in the war ruins outside of town, one of the exorcists watched them in interest. A small ring attached to a bracelet was on the floor of the ruins and Aemi picked it up and put it on quickly. It started to glow and slowly form a set of claws around Aemi's small fingers. The Exorcist took a closer look, unsure what was going on, until Aemi then screamed as a beam of light formed in the palm of her metal clawed hand and flew itself toward Claec, which he thankfully dodged. Screaming and running for the village, Aemi was then grabbed by the Exorcist. He very well knew she was the accommodator of the piece of jewelry that seemed to contain innocence, and that the innocence they were in search for was within the ring. She had never seen her brother after that.

One of the exorcists who had taken her to the Order in Europe was named Josiah. He was very handsome and knew Aemi very well after watching her for those several months while she was quarantined. He grew to know her strengths and weaknesses and was often the only person she would listen to.

Taking both the weapon and Aemi with him to the Black Order, they tried to keep her welcomed as nicely as possible. They kept her quarantined in a room for the first few months though, because of how upset and nervous she was about everything. Soon though, she had opened up, finally able to trust Josiah. Training to be an Exorcist, Aemi was able to become a Level 1 at the age of 12.

When Aemi turned 14, she was allowed to go on missions. Hunting after Akuma, she seemed to be determined as ever. While fighting against one with another Exorcist, she suddenly held back, almost surprised. She had realized that there was a scar on her wrist that was glowing, and she couldn't explain why. It often exhausted her after battling with its glow. Afterward, she came across a strange boy who seemed to be her age, only a year older. His name was Allen Walker, and he greeted her in quite an obnoxious way that seemed to intimidate her -- since she had no experience talking to boys her own age. Thankfully, to her, he had accepted her as a friend and they became very close. It is unknown when during this time of friendship that Aemi had developed a crush on him. All that is known is that when Allen had left to the Asian Branch, she felt heartbroken, and showed a different side of herself to the others around her afterward.

As Aemi looked back to her own history, she soon found that the night she was born was the same night her father died. She deduced that her mother must have become an Akuma that night. She still is unsure if that explains her power to suddenly sense where Akuma are. She can tell if there is one nearby, but is unable to tell where it is exactly. It often makes her veins pop a bit more near the scar. Unknown to her, the scar was known as "The mark of the Earl". What she does not know is that it means that she is considered a "Gateway" between good and evil. She may either tear the world apart, or bring it together. Whether she is one of the only people with this mark, she is unsure. She knows her mother is still alive as an Akuma, and her first goal is to kill her mother before she gets too powerful. That is her only goal at the moment, before finding any more innocence. Unfortunately, she found the drawbacks of her wrist's manifestation. It strengthens her only for that combat moment, but drains her in the long run, causing her to grow very week is she uses it long enough.

Code of Approval: I own the site and you are all my slaves. *whip*

Roleplay Sample:


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